10 things you may not know about Bali

Photo of 10 things you may not know about Bali 1/8 by Karabi Mitra
Sankara Resort, Obud

If you’re dreaming about tropical islands, Bali is a place where you’ll get everything, from beaches to great street-shopping to volcanoes to yoga classes and lush forests. I’m already missing it, just thinking about it! Till you go to Bali though, there are some things you may not really know, and this is meant to be a useful but fun list for you to refer to, if you are planning a vacation to Bali.

10. Do stay in a pool-villa: Think about having your own swimming pool with your hotel room. It may sound like a luxury, but something which is quite affordable in Bali. Bali has beautiful pool villas at very reasonable rates, and something which you must experience. Are you already dreaming about floating about in your own pool – let me add to that dream with the photos below:

Photo of 10 things you may not know about Bali 2/8 by Karabi Mitra
Bingin Castaway (Bukit Peninsula)
Photo of 10 things you may not know about Bali 3/8 by Karabi Mitra
Sankara Resort (Obud)

9. You can’t use Uber everywhere: The local cab drivers in Bali absolutely detest Uber drivers for taking their business away, and in some of the areas, Uber drivers are scared to come and pick you up. The local cab drivers do over-charge (hence, they hate Uber), but sometimes there’s absolutely no choice. Be careful about booking an Uber very openly. Just do it discreetly, and you should be fine. However, this is usually just a problem in the southern part, rest of Bali is mostly fine.

8. Stay away from the monkeys: Bali monkeys are pests! Stay away from them at all cost, because they tend to steal your glasses, scarf, watch, phone and anything which is easy to take. Being bitten isn’t great either, and you never know about rabies, so be careful! Especially, in the Uluwatu temple area, and obviously in the monkey forest in Obud.

Photo of 10 things you may not know about Bali 4/8 by Karabi Mitra
Uluwatu Temple

7. Tanah Lot has a myth associated with it: Apparently, going to Tanah Lot at sunset isn’t very lucky for unmarried couple because of an unhappy love story which had played out there. Not sure, if this is true, but Tanah Lot at sunset is amazing.

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Tanah Lot at Sunset

6. There are a lot of stray dogs: This may not be such a surprise to people from India (like me), but might come as a shock to some people. Most of these dogs are pretty harmless and won’t do anything to you if you don’t do anything to them.

5. The massages are amazing: You must get a massage while you’re in Bali. It’s best to take it at the hotel or resort you’re staying at as you can get back to your room after that and have a peaceful nap. The massages are super relaxing and one of a kind – unique to Bali

4. Warungs are where you should eat: Warungs are the local, road-side restaurants in Bali where you get to experience the local food. Some of the warungs are great, and you get a wide variety of dishes at very reasonable rates. Do stay away from warungs which don’t look too clean to you, though. And, do check out the first Warung ever, Murni’s Warung in Obud.

3. The temples are ethereal: Bali has many famous temples and some not-so-famous ones too. But they’re all really beautiful. And, you can stumble upon them as you walk around neighborhoods and through lanes. Like, this one we came across in Obud.

Photo of 10 things you may not know about Bali 6/8 by Karabi Mitra
Saraswati Temple (Obud)

2. You will feel foolish that you don’t surf: Bali is home to a lot of very serious surfers, and if you don’t surf (like me), you will feel like an idiot. You will see these surfers having a phenomenal time on the waves of Bali, and will feel motivated to take surfing lessons. But, before you know it, your holiday will end.

1. You will turn into a contemporary yogi: There’s just something about Bali. Once you get there, faraway from the city, and in the midst of nature and all the spiritual stuff, you’ll feel like writing a book or meditating or just taking life easy. It’s not possible to go to Bali, and not take something away with you. For me, well I came back and started this blog.

Now you decide whether you want to go to Bali! Here, are some more pictures to help you decide…

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Photo of 10 things you may not know about Bali 7/8 by Karabi Mitra
Padma Resort - Legian
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Finn's Beach Club