Pretty Villages In The Alsace Region Of France


Photo by Matheus Guimarães from Pexels

Photo of Pretty Villages In The Alsace Region Of France by Prathamesh Avachare

Located on the northeastern border of France, Alsace is one of the earth’s greatest treasures. If you are a fan of Belle’s hometown in the Beauty and the Beast novel like me, then you are surely going to love the pretty villages in the Alsace region of France!

Eguisheim is a medieval village with narrow streets and half-timbered houses that are way too beautiful.

Photo by Iga Palacz on Unsplash

Photo of Eguisheim, France by Prathamesh Avachare

You can experience one of the most scenic walks of your life in Eguisheim and outside the village is an array of castles. Since Eguisheim is surrounded by vineyards, it is an ideal place for wine-tasting activities.

Colmar is probably the most famous village in Alsace, France.

Photo by Sascha Sturm on Unsplash

Photo of Colmar, France by Prathamesh Avachare

It has an organized covered market and La Petit Venise canal, which gives Venice-like feels in France. It is an extremely attractive village and a photographer’s paradise in the true sense.


Kaysersburg means the mountain of the Emperor in German.

Photo by Cecile Musy on Unsplash

Photo of Kaysersberg, France by Prathamesh Avachare

Kayserburg boasts a royal castle that serves as a reminder of its importance in past wars. It houses the region’s finest vineyards and it has been titled France’s favorite village in 2017.

You will feel like stepping into the world of Game of Thrones, right from the word ‘Go’ while entering the Riquewihr!

Photo by Dirk Scheuble on Unsplash

Photo of Riquewihr, France by Prathamesh Avachare

The entryway to the village has an upper door with a classic half-timbered roof. Known for its historic architecture and Riesling wines, Riquewihr is hands down one of the most beautiful villages in France. The houses in Riquewihr follow unique yellow and blue color suits which makes strolling through the streets so much fun!

The capital of Alsace, Strasbourg is where the old culture meets the new culture!

Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE on Unsplash

Photo of Strasbourg, France by Prathamesh Avachare

Its enchanting old town and Strasbourg Cathedral are worth a visit and it is also a heaven for bicycle lovers since it is the most bike-friendly city in France.

Which one of the pretty villages in the Alsace region of France do you wish to visit the most? Tell me in the comments now!