Walking tour of Montmartre

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Here's a great self guided walking tour with great captions. This self guided tour should ideally take around 2 hours depending upon how much time you dwell on each place. In fact, there may be no more than 1.5 hours of walking. The walking tour starts at Place Pigalle (MAP). At this point, you will cross a small bridge over a canal and then another bridge crossing the river Seine. The next part of the tour follows the path of the river Seine.

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Montmartre, a city in the southern region of France, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in France. Here you can discover all that this city has to offer. In addition to the major attractions, Montmartre is also one of the prime locations for holiday breaks, family holidays, business trips and other types of trips. Montmartre is situated in the most picturesque part of the country, so it is easy to get lost. Fortunately, this self-guided walking tour of Montmartre guides are very helpful in guiding you through the maze of vine yards and ancient buildings. You can even view some magnificent historic landmarks and beautiful gardens during your vacation.

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The Montmartre walking tour covers some of the main historical sites in the region, including the famous Castle of Montmartre. This impressive castle was one of the principal sites of the French Revolution and served as one of the council chambers, government offices and parliaments of the king. A wonderful feature of this historic castle is that you can still see part of the Castle by walking along part of its cobbled stone pathway. This cobbled path is part of a planned upgrade of the entire site, which also includes a new visitor center, a cafe, an art gallery and a restaurant.

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Another beautiful part of the Montmartre walking tour is the Sac -coeur. This beautiful park has many different picnic areas, as well as several interesting monuments. You can start your walking tour of Montmartre at the historic sac-coeur church, which features an auditorium with a beautiful stained glass ceiling and a pulpit. The pulpit was originally used for the congregation, but it is now used by the parishioners to speak out against poverty and social problems.

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After visiting the parlours, you will have the pleasure of exploring the beautiful gardens of Montmartre, ones that include the famous garden of Sac -coeur, as well as the Pays de la Loire, with its characteristic evergreen trees. Another attraction on the Montmartre walking tour is the Muse De Montmartre, which is Montmartre's oldest wine cellar. Here you will be able to view some exclusive vintages such as the first vintage from Dom Perignon, and enjoy a gourmet meal. You may also choose to visit a number of shops in the Pays de la Loire region, where you will find exceptional chocolate, as well as shoes and tapestries. Sac -color is also home to the world famous flea market, a great gathering place for local vendors, as well as tourists.

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For the best part of your Montmartre walking tour, consider renting a vehicle, which allows you to visit more sites. A rental car allows you to explore a greater variety of the historic area and gives you the freedom to move around more quickly. It also offers you the convenience of having your own transport, rather than relying on the chauffeur services offered by most hotels. If you take time to prepare a detailed Montmartre walking tour map, it will make your trip more enjoyable.