Simply Gangtok

6th Mar 2017


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Day 1
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Mall road, Gangtok

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After the sunset from Mall Road.

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Day 2

After visiting Tourism office at Gangtok thought of what could be done on day 2. While reading the brochure I found there is a place for paragliding. Since the morning had cleared up and sun was back was hoping there would be no rain. From the taxi stand inquired how to go about with it. Taxi people are friendly in Sikkim. So booked the taxi for whole day and he would take me to must visit places in Gangtok.

First we went to Ban Jhakri Falls. There is a theme park coming up soon.

View fro

Photo of Gangtok, Sikkim, India by Shutter.Storyz

Ban Jakri Fal

Photo of Gangtok, Sikkim, India by Shutter.Storyz

Started my journey from Calcutta. Took a train to NJP from Shealdah station. It was an overnight journey. As soon as I boarded the train there was a heavy downpour, hoping no rain in Sikkim. When I reached NJP next morning there was no rain. Took taxi from NJP to Gangtok. It's picturesque green mountains on one side and Teesta flowing on other side we enter into Sikkim.

On the way to Sikkim there is option to do rafting in North Bengal side. Since it was March river was calm and cold. They say flow is better in May but still it is very safe rafting. From 6 year old to 60 year old can enjoy it. Do carry extra clothes and towels, as they do not provide wet suits. Enjoy the road side food once done with rafting.

There was rain in Gangtok and high above. Fear from previous night was true. Cause of the rain Tsomogo Lake, Changla and going further North was closed. Since there was no prior bookings made decided to stay in Gangtok and explore it.

Day 3

Next morning we decided to go for rafting which is on the way to Bengal from Sikkim. In March, rapids aren't too harsh so the rafting wasn't too risky. You can get some good photos clicked and videos of your experience.

On the way to Gangtok we visited Rumtek Monastery.

Playful young monks

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Day 4

Day 4, now its time move towards Siliguri Airport for flight to Kolkata.

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From here we headed for Paragliding spot.

You can capture yourself with GoPro

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They prefer people weighing less than 80 kgs. However, if wind is proper than they don't have much issues. If wind is good the ride could be approx 15 minutes as well.

Where you about to land.

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If lucky you can see many Himalayan ranges during the flight.

From there we moved ahead to a flower show in Gangtok. Also a temple which gives you bird eye view to Gangtok.

After which we decided to call it a day.

That's Gangtok for you. There's lot to explore as you move to North Sikkim, however weather should be on your side.