A hidden waterfall in Goa

22nd Jul 2019
Photo of A hidden waterfall in Goa by ANANYA SARKAR
Day 1

A 5 kms trek in the eastern forest of Goa, inside the Netravalli wild life sanctuary leads you to this beautiful waterfall surrounded by steep hills every side.
A isolated walk through the thick green forests of the sanctuary takes you through rock paved pathways, small water bodies and through a thin pathway curved on the edge (literally) of the hill. Then you reach the cliff of a hill (one of the surrounding hills) to climb down to reach the well hidden beautiful and clean waterfall. Crystal clean water and different coloured rocks creating a canvas on the water.
The walk of 5 kilometers through the thick forest and through edge and the climb down is sure worth it! It's beautiful in it's own ways and absolutely zero people or any human habitation nearby. Well, obviously it's a sanctuary right?! 😂
Definitely definitely worth a visit .
Experiences I make on my way, people I meet on the way makes it worth every second of the struggle faced. That's life isn't it? Make everyday worth living, make every day count. See what you haven't yet, experience what you haven't yet, and life will surprise you 💙

Photo of A hidden waterfall in Goa by ANANYA SARKAR