Being Solo at an unplanned trip to Goa.

14th Oct 2010

Experience of being a SoloTraveller in Goa Unplanned Trip

After the completion of my first solo trip ever, there a lot many things i came across throughout this journey.
& For that matter, a solo traveller is actually not solo when travel.
Rather, she is surrounded by 100s of thoughts running in her mind in admist of unknown people.

And for me, this solo travelling has taught me a lot. I ll brief each & every matter i deal with while i was on travel.

Somewhere in my mind, i want to try a solo trip & let me see how it works. How people feel & then i challenged myself & made an exciting cum successful unplanned trip to Goa.

Having that aderanline rush in you is must if you want to travel solo. The excitement has to be within you when you are making for it beacuse at the end what all is affected by your mood only.

At first when i reached Goa Airport, i was on Cloud 9 as it was just like a dream come true.
No matter what, but if the local people gt to know that you are a tourist here, fasten up your breath then; because they are going to charge heavily here.

An when you know, you have ample of time, then yu can consult the expert there i.e security police, for each info. related to the site.

But being a girl at other place, far off from your home, you need to be extra concerned & safe, especially when it is going to be dark.

I took the cab & searched for the best hotel room alongwith the taxi driver.
It took time & made me lil irk finding the budget accomodation.

& Once i got the room, i threw my luggage there & ran to the beachside, Baga.

The scene is still so clear in my mind. Beautiful & radium light theme shacks at the beachside, the offshore sea waves touching your feet make you amazed for few moments.
I took almost 10 mins to make myself believe & realise that - Hey, i am in Goa.

I never suppose Goa to be the part of India. Its so different from the other states.
You get to meet people from different race altogether ( Russians, South Indians, Americans ).

There, i hired an activa for 1 day & roam around the streets & corners of Goa wherever i could make my presnce. Went to all beaches of North Goa - Anjuna cum Marijuna Beach, Baga, Siquerium, Calungate & Candolim from south.

1 phrase for all - Difference lies in all the beaches. Not all beaches are the same. You must pay special visit to each one of it.

& for that matter, when i saw Calungate Beach - the 1st scene that hit my mind was, Haridwar.