Budget friendly trip to Goa

13th Feb 2019
Photo of Budget friendly trip to Goa by Dinesh Kumar
Day 1

Sunny day with running thought of  Goa trip. lets starts with train. i took train from chennai central to madgoan on 3:00 pm as traveler i always take sleeper class its take out your money around 500 bucks. train had carrying 16 compartments so it was very longs in size.

then reached in Bangalore on 9:00 pm  we had friend who want went with me. so they were boarding with me.
and train horn for running and ahead to madgoan.

Day 2

in journey of madgoan there was waterfall in between that yeah that is dudhsagar water fall many of films was shooting there.
train moves very slow due to hilly areas. after crossing dudhsagar waterfall.

train got speeds and move very fast from lots beautiful station then 12 hours journey we reached at margoan on time 12:30 pm.

we were thought that we rented bike/Scotty from margoan and then we were traveled to Arjuna beach in north Goa as we planned its works we found some guys whose rent a bike services after some negotiation to come up with  your budgets we are finally got bike around 300 and fill up fuel tanks and moving ahead to destinations. destinations was 50 km away  from us. so lets start road trip in Goa.

in 2 hours journey, we took some pictures and enjoy road traffic.   then we reached our destination.

we were booked a that crazy hostel for staying for 2 nights its take our money around 177 buck per night. our planed is works accurately and we were front of our hostel then we entered its very good and nice vibes hostel we did  some check-in formalities.

afterthat we all were refresh and relax and planned to Goa Arjuna beach there very beautiful sunsets there and dinner there. again we took bike and ride ahead to that. we spend some quality time in Arjuna beach and dine there . our clock ticking at  night 12:30 am so again we move back to hostel. before to bed we enjoyed our drinks. sign off day 1

Day 3

our hostel bed and mattress so comfortable and cosy we can't woke up till 11:00 am so somehow we were ready to move next. one of best friend ordered some breakfast from swiggy.

we were took that breakfast and move to ahead to aguada fort for get some beautiful  cannon shots. we spent almost 2 hours there.

after that we moved to candolim beach near to aguada. very beautiful beach with sand and bikini girls. we enjoyed our lazy hours and do some waves surfing activities. and moved from there 6:00 pm clock

and ahead to baga and calangute beach. there is very big market of pubs and  bars and  in the beach side is also party hub.

we enjoyed our time little there and move calangute beach for get some beer and enjoyed these night waves. we were dine very heavy in calangute market. our clock again ticking at 1:00 am so all we were tired and thought for bed so moved to hostel again.

sign off 3day..

Day 4

very beautiful day all ready around 10:00 am and moved to chapora fort we also did some cannon shot there after 1 hours we are move to calangute beach where last time spend time. 

sign off day 4.

whole day we enjoyed food, drinks, waves and bikini girls. we did some lunch there after 5:00 move to Madgoan railways station.

we were board the train  and make some recapped day in goa and  went to sleep.

Day 5

we reached chennai central again to start again. previous life routine.

budget details
mas to mao... 475 (going)
mao to mas....475 (return)
food :- 1000 (200 per day )
hostel :- 354 (2 nights and 3days )
drink: - 500 (12 bottle)
bike rental:- 600 (3 days)

3404 total expenses

i hope this helping you to planed a trip.

sign off - Goa