Goa: For the third time

4th Apr 2018

Well, I had been to Goa twice before in almost a span of a year and wasn't really enthusiastic to go again. But when my friends wanted to go to Goa for one last time during their last semester of engineering, I had to agree with the group. Little did I know that this time Goa had very different experiences in store for me.

How was it different? Well, we stayed in a hostel for the first time ever. The hostel is called 'That crazy hostel' and I must say, the place lives up to its name. The place has a very chilled out and happy vibe about it. The owner Manish makes sure everyone has a blast by organizing different events almost every night so that people can interact with each other. The best part about the hostel is that its as cheap as Rs 300 per night along with complementary breakfast.

We reached Goa from Bangalore on the morning of 4th April. Even though its not the best time to visit Goa but I'd say you should still go for it. We got down from our bus at the Mapusa Bus stop. Rented bikes from there itself. (TIP: Private transportation is very expensive in Goa. So, try to rent cars/bikes from a place near the bus stop to minimize the cost of going from the hotel to bus stop and back to the bus stop on the returning day.)

Photo of Goa: For the third time 1/1 by Shabeeha Ahmed
Our hostel at night
Day 1

We rode till our hostel, which is very close to Vagator beach, freshened up and headed straight to Vagator beach. The beautiful sight of the crashing waves made us all super excited. We played in the water for sometime but soon it became scorching hot so we came back to our hostel and dived into the pool. The most amazing thing was that there was a pool side bar so we could enjoy our beverages sitting inside the pool. Next we headed off to Anjuna beach, which is also quite close to it

Anjuna is a beautiful beach with half rocky and half sandy areas. Its one of the best commercial beaches according to me with moderate amount of crowd unlike Baga and Calangute. Plus, for the shopaholics, the main attraction is the flee market in the beach. After the beautiful sunset at Anjuna we were back to our hostel and got to know that it was a karaoke night and all the people in the hostel were singing, dancing and interacting with each other. That particular night was a friend's birthday. What could be better than cutting the cake by the beach at 12, right?

So, we rushed to Baga before midnight to cut the cake in the shacks overlooking the beach. After the celebrations, while coming back, we were in Titos lane, a lane full of pubs playing music in very high decibals. Since, its free walk-in for girls everywhere, me and Deepshikha glanced at each other with a wicked smile, told the guys to wait outside for 10 mins while we did a short pub hopping in the main pubs there for 5 mins in each, while the boys stayed outside and cribbed about how unfair the world was.

After returning to the hostel, we realised that the karaoke night had transformed into a jamming session and there were people playing beer pong. That's how playing beer pong got ticked off my bucket list.

Day 2

Next morning, we woke up late, chilled in the pool till late and then decided to visit the Chapora fort, better known as the 'Dil Chahta Hai' fort. The view from there was breathtakingly beautiful which overlooks the Vagator beach. If you happen to visit the place, I'd suggest you to to go down the fort, take a small downhill walk to get even more incredible views of the beach.

Sunset from the Chapora fort

Photo of Chapora Fort, Goa by Shabeeha Ahmed

The view while walking downhill from the Chapora fort

Photo of Chapora Fort, Goa by Shabeeha Ahmed

From there, the next destination was Arambol beach. Its a really long way, so make sure you have a lot of time in hand. Also, I'd advice you to go for an entire day there as its really far off and its one of the best and cleanest beaches of Goa.

Later that night, we went to a party at a club called Showbar, which had free couple entry and 2k for stag entry. Honestly, it wasn't worth the money. Goa has a lot of clubs but not all of them operate all 12 months of the year. So, if you want a wacky party like they show in the movies, make sure to go during the tourist season which is from September to mid March.

Day 3

Next day was pretty chilled out. As usual, we relaxed in the pool and later went to Anjuna for water sports. Water sports comes in various packages. Its 1.5k per head if you want to do all the sports. Otherwise, each sport has a different charge. It was my first time in a banana boat. We had a lot of fun each time the boat flipped upside down and we were all thrown in the middle of the sea.

The fun banana boat ride

Photo of Anjuna Beach, Goa by Shabeeha Ahmed

When we got to know that the water was 300m deep!

Photo of Anjuna Beach, Goa by Shabeeha Ahmed

After coming back to the hostel, little did I know that another wish from my bucket list is going to be ticked off that night. While having a casual conversation with Manish, he asked us if we would like to take the bar tender's job for sometime while he had a short meeting with all his staff. I was really excited to do it. In those few minutes, we talked to all the people sitting at the bar counter and convinced them how a beer could solve all the problems in their lives and served them lots of beer.

Day 4

The fourth day was our last day. With heavy hearts we had to bid adieu to Goa and to That Crazy Hostel. We went to Mapusa to drop our bikes and took a bus from there to Panjim where we had to board our bus to Bangalore.

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