Hiking in North Goa

2nd Jul 2015
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Baga beach as viewed from the base of the creek.
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Baga and Calangute Beach
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Chapora fort in the distance
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Goa has a number of hiking trails in the south and particularly in the numerous wildlife reserves. However, there is one trail along the urban centres of North Goa which is a secluded trail with enough of nature and urban areas mixed together. What I liked about the trail is on a hot day you have many spots to stop buy and re hydrate (at the shacks).

The trail starts near Acron resort which is on the other side of the Baga creek. One can easily access this area after crossing the bridge next to Cheenos bar. Take a left after you cross the bridge and just keep walking along the road till the road merges with a mud trail. This trail is along the wall of a government building located on top of the hill. One has to walk along the boundary wall. As you walk along the wall you reach a point wherein you are right at the base of the hill among giant rocks which are constantly hit by big waves. There is enough space to walk there. Just be careful of the slippery rocks. Keep following the rocks along the base of the hill.

One then reaches a short stretch of beach which also has a shack. This shack was closed due to monsoons in Goa. The trial is pretty much along the coast so just stay on the trail close to the coast but not too close!

Soon you will see that the trail breaks into two. One continues along the rocks and the other goes up to the top of the hill. Take the trail leading to the top. It is not very steep. Just be carefully since the path is narrow. Once you are at the top you have a clear 360 degree view of all beaches - Sinquerim, Candolim, Calangute and Baga to your south. Anjuna and Vagator to your north. This is a great view, spend some time to absorb it.

The next part of the trail takes you through the Anjuna beach. There is a narrow mud trail on the hill. Just follow the trail as it takes you into the village, the beach will be on your left. Find any lane that leads you to the beach and just walk north along the beach till it ends and there is flight of stairs which leads you towards the village. Alternatively you can walk through the village. The beach is much better though. For directions, just ask anyone how to reach the parking lot.

At the parking lot continue to head north towards the direction of Vagator and ask for the water tank. You will cross a newly opened club which is located bang at the parking lot. This club is spelled 'Nyce'. You will see some small trees and then the trail again leads you to the top of a small hill. Walk up the trail till you reach the hilltop. This hilltop offers the first view of the Chopara Fort in the distance.

There is a clear mud trail here and walk along it till you cross 'Bliss Beach Resort' and 'Thalasa'. From this point just ask anyone how you can reach the beach or consult Google maps and it will show you the route to the Vagator beach. Get to the beach and continue north till you reach the lifeguard station. A short walk further you have arrived at the foothills of the fort. There is no marked trail. You can just start walking up the cliff. It is not too steep.

Once you are up the cliff you will see the walls of the fort. This is the destination. Awesome views of beaches on both sides. And you are not too far away from a shack to get some chilled beer.......

Enjoy the hike.

One of the busiest beaches in North Goa, this is the starting point of the hike.

The first major beach/village that one reaches upon starting the hike.

Second beach on the trail from where it is an easy access to the fort.

The destination.

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