Luck by chance#thatonetimeingoa

26th Dec 2018
Day 1

Goa has always been a perfect beach getaway destination for most people who can't find the time or budget for another beach location. It offers just the right mix of adventure, adrenaline pumping activities,peace,hippie charm and cocktails one can ask for but I just got extra lucky on my Goa trip.
So I checked into this wonderful hotel which had a secret way to a beach right behind it. As we had pre-booked our stay and meals we headed for our dinner on day one.Having ordered the most exotic dishes on the menu( and surprised how we could get such a lavish ala carte meal in a pre-booked package) we enjoyed the dinner besides the pool. Drinks too were included in the package ( when things are too good, something is fishy!!!!).
Having stuffed ourselves beyond capacity and inebriated enough to dance without music,we were leaving for our room when the manager hands us a whopping bill....all the high went nosediving, suddenly all sensibilities hit us to question why we are given a bill when we had prepaid ?
The manager cross-checked and aplologised that we were given the wrong menu to choose from and the complimentary buffet dinner had other( read cheaper) items. But as it was their mistake,they couldn't charge us. WHAT!!!! I'm still actually got served the most amazing food and drinks at unbelievably low prices....GOA was definitely my Lucky trip.
#that one time in Goa