Goa's Adventure sports, Shacks and Waterfalls

23rd Feb 2019

Goa, a popular destination and an offbeat vacation destination for almost everyone of all ages. 8 of 10 people when asked for a vacation place, say Goa. That's the charisma and popularity of the place. And, I decided to explore the very same charisma and popularity of the place.

My trip to Goa had been for 3 days. Three days happily spent in exploring adventure sports, the shacks and waterfalls of Goa. Let's explore one by one below

Day 1

Part 1: Sailing and Scuba diving

Beautiful seashores, clean blue waters and the high rising waves makes Goa, a perfect destination for a water adventure sports like Scuba diving, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, banana rides etc. My friends had reached out beforehand to scuba aliens, an agency that offers these experiences , and arranged for the experience when we arrived. We started off to the boarding point by 7:30 and we were on our way to the scuba diving destination by 8A.M. We had a very nice boat waiting for us and we started off to Grand Island, which is an hour from Goa.

The words fall short in describing the beauty of the morning boat ride. So, take a look at the picture :)

Photo of Grande Island, Goa by Kiran

You feel like a sailor travelling through waters against waves into a everlasting blue land charging straight towards the sun. The feeling has to be experienced. We reached the island and scuba diving instructor had given us very basic communication instructions post which, we were suited up and dived.

Once the scuba diving is done, you can enjoy the beautiful island by just swimming across

Thats the scuba diving story folks!

Part 2: The shacks at Arambol beach

Day 2

Imagine sitting on the beach, on a bed, with a shade and enjoying the waves hit the shore, one by one and the time slowly passing into eternity. Got the picture? Yes, that's the Goa shacks for you. Take a look at yourself.

To that, add stars at night, pleasant music in the background and candle light around. That is how Goa shacks rolls at night. Let the pics speak for themselves.

Photo of Goa's Adventure sports, Shacks and Waterfalls by Kiran

Part 3: A trip to Dudhsagar

Day 3

Water sports and beaches were lovely but we aren't done. We've hit the road to absorb the nature, the Goa has to offer. So, we decided to take a trip to Dudhsagar waterfalls. The trip to Dudhsagar waterfalls is composed of 3 parts a road trip, a safari jungle ride and a small trek. Situated approximately 70KMs from North Goa, the road is nothing but beautiful and mostly empty giving you the road trip serenity you'd want. Take a look :)

Photo of Dudhsagar Falls, Sonaulim, Goa, India by Kiran

The waterfalls being situated amidst the forests, we won't be able to drive to the waterfalls by ourselves. The government of Goa offers the safari ride to go into the forests. And those bumpy rides passing through the very crux of forests is something one shouldn't miss

Photo of Goa's Adventure sports, Shacks and Waterfalls by Kiran

And finally after a small trek later...the waterfalls!

Photo of Goa's Adventure sports, Shacks and Waterfalls by Kiran

That's all the Goa from my end folks!