A complete Guide to Khajjiar: The Switzerland of India

8th May 2022
Day 1

In a vast grassy landscape, 1,920 m above sea level, resides the namesake lake of Khajjiar town. Green deodar trees stand tall surrounding this beautiful lake. The sunray falls on the lake and makes its water sparkle. The bird chirps around adding soothing music to overall the tranquil ambience. A visit to this place will transport you to a wonderland, there is no doubt about that.

In the picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh, neighbouring the mighty Himalayas nestles the little town of Khajjiar. Emerald meadows, dense forests of deodar, rustic cottages in the distance and views of snow-capped mountains are common parts of life here in this town. The beauty of this Himachali town is enhanced to many folds by the serene environment and comfortable weather conditions. As you roam around here and there, you will find similarities in terms of appearance and vibes to that of the famous Swiss country. And you will understand why it is named the Switzerland of India. With so much to offer, Khajjiar has all the right to be a proud name on ardent travellers’ bucket lists. If you are still a little hesitant, the many adventurous activities organised in the town will surely take away all doubts!

And with that, it is time to plan a wonderful trip to Khajjiar. Allow us to help you a little in this regard. Here we have chalked out a complete Khajjiar travel guide. From how you can reach the town to where you can stay, from what places you can visit to the things you can do, this guide has all the necessary details. Read on!

How to reach Khajjiar -

Decide whether you want to board a flight or train. Or would you like to take the roadways? Once you have decided, here’s how you can reach the town.

Via airways -

During flight booking, you will have to remember that Khajjiar doesn’t have its own airport. The nearest airport is the Gaggal Airport in Dharamsala. From the airport, taxis and buses for Khajjiar are easily available.

Via railways -

There is no railway station in Khajjiar. But you can board a train to the Pathankot Railway Station. And after the train, you can take a taxi or bus to reach your destination.

Via roadways -

Khajjiar is well-connected to the major cities of Himachal Pradesh. There are many buses operating in the area. If you want, you can drive yourself or rent a bike.

Best time to visit Khajjiar

Khajjiar is always beautiful. While the summers are great for clear views, the winter brings a mystic charm to the town by cloaking everything in a white coat of snow. That being said, the two winter months of January and February can be a little unpredictable. There might be heavy snowfall making the roads inaccessible. That is why, summer, even though crowded with tourists, is the best time for you to plan a trip here.

Best places to visit in Khajjiar

Khajjiar tourism boasts of many picture-perfect places that are worth discovering. Below are our top recommended places that you can keep on your sightseeing tour.

Once you have revelled in the charm of Khajjiar Lake, visit the Khajji Nag Temple located nearby. This temple is devoted to the Lord of serpents, Naga. Idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Hadimba are also placed in the temple. Besides the deep sense of devotion encircling the temple complex, the fusion of Mughal and Hindu architecture is captivating too.

The Lord Shiva Statue is among the top sights in Khajjiar. Actually, allow us to rephrase that. This statue is among the top sights in Himachal Pradesh as well as one of the top 10 tallest statues in India. As folklores go, the past rulers of the town built this statue to impress the Lord and earn his blessing. Well, as the copper statue shines when the sun falls on it and as nature’s charms dazzle in the surrounding area in abundance, it seems the land is truly blessed by the lord!

Panch Pandav Tree

There are two factors that make the Panch Pandav Tree a must-add to a travel guide to Khajjiar. The first factor is nature’s unique favour and the second one is a strong mythological value. Unique because, unlike most deodar trees, this deodar tree’s base is split into 6 parts. Mythologically significant because the Pandav brothers are said to have taken shelter nearby. Locals say that the 6 shoots of the tree represent the five Pandav brothers and their wife Draupadi.

Kailash Village, Khajjiar

So serene, so enchanting and so pure, you simply can’t miss the opportunity of visiting at least once in your lifetime. The Kailash villages are truly a piece of heaven existing on the earth. Legends say, somewhere in these villages is Lord Shiva’s abode. The divinity of the place, the beautiful greenery of the valley and the views of the snow-wrapped peaks, all come together and make these villages breathtaking.

Best things you can do in Khajjiar

The list of best things to do in Khajjiar is mindblowing. So, we say, let’s get started without wasting any time.

Step into a huge transparent ball and then roll down a smooth slope or a waterbody, that is zorbing for you. And Khajjiar is one of the very few places in India to organise this activity. So, zorbing is a must-add to your Khajjiar travel guide. By the way, you have to go to Khajjiar Lake for this activity.

This is another thrilling activity that you can indulge in Khajjiar. As you fly over the town like a free bird and catch glimpses of the pine and deodar trees-covered green lands, you will be making an unforgettable memory.

Khajjiar is blessed with a rich wildlife that you can best discover by opting for a jungle safari in the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. The thick forest, unrushed water streams and lush greenery that you will meet here are simply mesmerising. Coming to the residents, black bears, leopards, Himalayan black martens, deer and wild cats await you.


If not a jungle safari, you can definitely go trekking through the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. There are many stunning trails that you can explore!

Any Khajjiar tourism guide will surely have this one. It is that famous among tourists! Locals use horses for transport here all the time. You can get a taste of the local transportation too. The prices are also quite reasonable.

Best places for you to stay in Khajjiar

With the lists of places to discover and activities to try sorted, let’s get on with the hotel booking . And for a comfortable as well as a dreamy vacation in the heavenly town of Khajjiar, here are what we suggest! The Devdar Hotel, Hotel Mini Swiss, Hotel Country Resort, Grand Kailash View, Hotel Parul, Brijvilla and NotOnMap - H2O House!

Are we forgetting anything? Yes, to wish you happy travels! Have an awesome time in Khajjiar and come back with a bag full of lovely memories!