Unwind yourself in the freshness of lush green hills in Mcleodganj

22nd Mar 2018

Unwinding amidst the whole of nature

Photo of Unwind yourself in the freshness of lush green hills in Mcleodganj by Prito
Photo of Unwind yourself in the freshness of lush green hills in Mcleodganj 1/1 by Prito

Travel goals give a boost to my life and as I take another journey I am rejuvenated.This time I chose Mcleodganj, Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh to unwind myself in the freshness of nature.Mcleodganj is a beautiful suburb of Dharamshala also known as little Lhasa or "Little Tibet" for the population of Tibetans in this area.The establishment is a compact one with travelers seen as backpackers across the town.There is a sense of freedom and element of frolic in the locality as there are street-side vendors selling gems ranging from as low as 50 to 5000.You have to rely on your bargaining skills to strike a good deal.You can roam around the town and go to Bhagsu which is around 2 km from Mcleodganj. This part of the sight seeing is enjoyable when the journey is undertaken by foot.Along the way you can get a beautiful view of the houses in the Mcleodganj.

Along with the mighty Dhauladhars encircling the area there are few attaractions in the Bhagsu as well.The snow covered peaks of the Dhauladhars can be seen distantly and are a part of almost all the scenic destinations.

So we reached Bhagsu the first day, relaxed for an hour and headed to the Bhagsu waterfalls.It is around 30 mins walk from Bhagsu.The fall of water is not to heavy but there is a pond below which has clean water and a good place to sit and relax.

Not to rush to things should be the motto for vacations.So leisure visit to Bhagsu waterfall and a pleasure walk around the city ended day 1 of the journey.And now we were all set for the next day trek.

Trekking is a sport and is accomplished if planned well and then executed.On Day 2 we finished our breakfast by around 6:30 in the morning and then after resting for half an hour begin our trek.We remained true to the spirit of fun and freshness so we went ahead as per the plan.Proper gear helps you to minimize the fatigue and makes journey enjoyable so start the trek with a sports wear.Good sports shoes, a light backpack containing few energy bars,a water bottle and a couple of bananas.

We started the trek from Bhagsu the first 2-3km are bit challenging as the slope is steep but once you warm up things get easy.There are refreshment shops which can offer maggi, tea and juices.Next 4 kms are easy and then as you are about to reach the last 2 kms are testing.

Overall its a moderate trek, we took 4 hours to ascend it starting at 7:00 AM in the morning and reached by 12:00 taking good breaks.And spent an awesome time up-top lazing, feeling the wind, feeling the pure air,the essence of life becomes majestic on views like this. There was a ecstasy which we tried to capture in pictures.The Dhauladhars seen at this height are a mind boggling view.It is snow covered and the sunlight plays with the mountain surfaces giving amzing clicks to the viewers.So we descended in 3 hours back to Bhagsu.

Day 3

Day 3 we went to Dharamshala using the public transport.The city has a cricket stadium which a beautiful view of the snow covered peaks.we visited the stadium, had a tour of the city and came back to pack our bags with memories and experiences to share with people to pass on the baton to get enriched with life the hills in Mcleadganj has to offer