Hidden gem near Hampi

17th Apr 2023
Day 1

A beautiful body of water called Sanapur Lake may be seen near Hampi, Karnataka, India. The lake is a well-liked location for boating, picnics, and swimming and is located about 6 miles from Hampi. Here are some details on the lake:

Photo of Hidden gem near Hampi by Lakshmi

1) Boating: Rent a boat and ride around the lake while taking in the calm surroundings and the clean air.
2) Swimming: The lake is a secure location for swimming, and many visitors take pleasure in cooling down in its refreshing waters.
3) Picnicking: The lakeshore becomes a lovely location for a get-together with loved ones. You can savour some regional delicacies and beverages.
4) Bird watching: The lake is a fantastic location for bird watchers because it is home to many different types of birds.

There are many places to stay close to Sanapur Lake. Budget-friendly guesthouses, homestays, and hotels are available, as well as more opulent resorts. The Fern Residency, Mowgli Guest House, and Kishkinda Heritage Resort are a few well-liked choices.

The Jindal Vijayanagar Airport, which is roughly 50 km distant, is the closest airport to Sanapur Lake. About 10 kilometres distant, at Hospet Junction, is the closest railway station. To get to the lake from there, take a bus or order a taxi. From Hampi, you can alternatively take a local bus or hire an autorickshaw to get Sanapur Lake

Between the months of October and February, when the weather is pleasant and cool, is the best time to visit Sanapur Lake. The lake is at its fullest and provides the nicest views at this time. Avoid going there from June to September because of the possibility of the lake overflowing and becoming dangerous.