100 Days of Continuously Traveling spritual INDIA & Living the Dream of Millions

4th Jul 2022
Photo of 100 Days of Continuously Traveling spritual INDIA & Living the Dream of Millions by Nomad Yogis
Day 100

⚡The Beginning ⚡
A year ago, we both had simple thoughts of traveling Spiritual INDIA like yogis. And that too, with low budget travel. At that time, we didn't realize that it would become true one day. A small idea that began as a lighthearted conversation evolved into a very life-changing journey.

There were so many questions about how we were going to do this because what we were thinking about was not trivial. Every plan and trip has its own set of risks, and this one is no exception. We set a goal for ourselves of completing it in 7 months and started sitting everyday with the Map of India to decide how we are going to make this possible.

⚡The day came⚡
In March 2022 we started from Nashik our heartbeat was very high and with so much of excitement. We had a little bit of fear as well. How we are going to do this and the first day itself was very challenging because our train ticket was not confirmed and we both said "To bhyi lo ho gai Karma Yatra shuru"

Till now we have covered Southern India and UP, MP, Kolkata, Bihar, and travelled in almost 35+ trains and much more.

So, in pictures, the way we're travelling appears to be very cool, but in reality, it's quite exhausting and body breaking sometimes.

This journey itself became sadhana for us, dissolving us completely. Our egos were crushed numerous times. I didn't like to sit or sleep in dirty places because I was always looking for comfort, but sleeping in railway stations or in inappropriate places just burned that mindset.

So yeah, a comfortable zone will never allow you to grow, so try to get out of it as soon as possible.

People we met were very nice, but we also met people who were just looking for someone to take advantage of in the name of helping. So, yes, people with positive and negative attitudes coexist. Most of our time we spent in Karnataka and realized how they are rooted in their culture. In many parts of India, we saw how people are dealing with their daily life.

⚡Amazing Part ⚡
Whenever we sit on a train or bus and come out, everything gets changed. From food to language to people to culture. We sit in one kind of weather and end up in another kind of weather. It's too awesome to describe and really fascinating at the same time.

⚡Learning ⚡
What began as an exploration of India's spirituality evolved into a journey of self-discovery for us.

⚡Living Insanity ⚡
There are so many things to talk about this journey. So yeah, weather we learn about so many things or not, one thing will always be in our hand: what millions of people just think about doing, we did it. Yes, we have seen our Bharat.

⚡ Journey is still on and looking forward for more adventures ⚡