Are you in search for the best Hyderabadi Biriyani?

9th May 2023
Day 1

Are you searching for the best Hyderabadi Biriyani? 

Hyderabad, although a South Indian state has got several elements of North Indian cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Indeed Hindi is more than enough to survive if you are someone new to the city. Popularly known as the “City of Pearls”, Hyderabad has much more than pearls. The super-welcoming people, mouthwatering food, rich culture and beautiful monuments.

Undoubtedly, Hyderabad is well-known for Biriyani for years. But does every other Biriyani in the city taste the best? Sadly, nope. For instance, it is the same case with Udupi Dosa. Although one can spot several Udupi Restaurants across South India, only a bunch of them serve authentic stuff. So, it is always best to do proper research before visiting some random Cafe or Restaurant, and here is my best recommendation to experience the authentic Hyderabadi Biriyani!

Only around 3 km away from Charminar, Hotel Shadab serves the best biriyani in town. The nearest metro station is the “Gandhi Bhavan”, from where one can pick up an auto. While there are also better options like the High Court (Post Office) bus station which only takes a 4 min walk. The exterior as well as the interiors itself reflect its authenticity. They have several categories of seating. The typical AC and non-AC restaurant seating as well as the traditional low-floor seating where a family can have the best time, chit-chatting and eating in comfort just like home. 

Although the place can get crowded during peak times, thus is suggested to visit a bit early so that you are not disappointed with the possible long waits. Yet, in case you are a person with good patience you can visit whenever! The staffs are also friendly and help much to accommodate the customers. 

Coming to the star of the article “Biriyani” comes in a large quantity which is perfect for two. Shadab special Chicken 65 is also a must-try along with the Biriyani. Yet, how can one miss the tastiest dessert in town? “Khubani-ka-Meetha” is such a delicious dessert where the rich apricot flavour perfectly blends in sweetness and tanginess. 

Hotel Shadab Hyderabadi Biriyani

Photo of Hotel Shadab by CreativeTraveller

Quantity Rich @ Shadab

Photo of Hotel Shadab by CreativeTraveller

Khubani Ka Meetha

Photo of Hotel Shadab by CreativeTraveller