THE places for Onam Sadya this weekend in Mumbai!

6th Sep 2014
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Onam Sadya is one of the best meals to have especially for a vegetarian. It comprises of around 20 – 35 dishes, each of them delicious and it’s the best of Mallu cooking for a vegetarian! And for once, the vegetarian is KING! If I lived in Chennai I would head to Sanjeevanam, they have the best spread even on normal days, so on Onam it’s simply wow. You reach their on your two feet and need to be carried out. Possibly with the top buttons of your pant removed, and the nada of your sari or salwar loosened! But let’s come back to Mumbai.

I googled to find a range of Kerala restaurants in the city -- didn't know there were this many! Then did some initial choosing based on photographs and reviews. Then called up each of the places on List 2, found out the cost, range of dishes and if they will definitely serve pradhaman (the sweet dish at the end of the meal). Yes, it is a basic part of Onam Sadya, but I didn’t want even one of them to say they won’t. All you need to do is figure out the place closest to you and the kind of place you want.

I wanted to use Meal Tango but sadly, the Onam special at Sneha's house in Bandra East is sold out for this weekend! It’s still Onam month and Sneha will be serving the Onam special all month long. I’ve booked a slot for 21st Sunday.

I plan to eat myself silly at Just Kerala this Sunday and will dream about pradhaman till then! What about you?

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One of the most expensive places to celebrate this legendary meal is at Dhoop. They have organised a pop-up meal on Sunday. It sounds totally brilliant. organiser: Sneha Nair of Poppaddum catering service date & time: 7th sunday; two sittings – 12 and 2.30 pm. cost: veg/non-veg – 1200/1500 reservations: Think this is almost sold out. So call soon if you want to reserve your spot!

one of the oldest and most famous of kerala restaurants in the city! date & time: 7th sunday, till midnight cost: rs. 370 only veg. 30 dishes. no reservation needed

Just next to Hotel Deluxe - if you can fit it all into your stomach, make it a double date?! date & time: 7th sunday, till midnight cost: rs. 350 only veg. 33 dishes no reservation needed

date: 6th & 7th sunday all day long. cost: Rs. 750 only veg. 30 dishes. no reservation needed.

this is where i plan to go this weekend :) restaurant name: just kerala date: 7th sunday from 11.30 till 3.30 – on a banana leaf. 8th & 9th as a buffet. cost: Rs. 600 only veg. 25 dishes no reservation needed

it's a 5 star hotel and somehow that itself doesn't attract me... but with a bunch of children this might be the best bet. date: 5th – 7th from noon to 3pm. cost: Rs. 599 only veg. number of dishes “depends on the chef ma’am, I can’t really tell you.” no reservation needed

A super sweet owner picked up the phone and chatted like he already knew me... he signed off with the sing-song mallu Wokay Wokay aajaayyye! Please note, this is a very basic place and a very tiny room. So if you are not finicky about conditions then check this out.Unfortunately it's not listed on Zomato, and on Burrp there are no photos. But supposed to serve great food! date: 6th – 8th from noon till evening. cost: Rs. 260 only veg. 20 – 22 dishes no reservation needed

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