The Ultimate Food Trail: The Best Food of 29 States of India with Pictures

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This gastronomical affair will unleash a blast of flavours inside your mouth. From thukpas in the Himalayas, down to coastal curries, here is the best food of 29 states of India (with pictures) you must try!

Brace yourself for a food frenzy as you road trip across all 29 states as you undertake the ultimate food trail. Let the feasting begin!

The best food of 29 states of India with pictures

1. Mutton rogan josh, nadru yakhni and goshtaba from Jammu and Kashmir, the first stop on our culinary adventure!

2. Channa madra and nashpati sabzi are absolute dinner delights from Himachal Pradesh.

3. Ripe lemon chaat with bhang chutney is sheer craziness on plate from Uttarakhand.

4. Makke ki roti & sarso ka saag in Punjab for a wholesome meal.

5. Gajar methi from Haryana is next up on this list.

6. A vegetarian's haven, Rajasthan presents dal bati churma.

7. Let the galauti kebabs from Uttar Pradesh do the talking for themselves.

8. All eyes go green looking at the Indori palak puri from Madhya Pradesh.

9. Gujarat has snacks for every hour of the day. Khandvi is just one.

10. The simple, sumptuous litti chokha awaits you in Bihar

11. West Bengal brings fish at its fantastic best, shorshe ilish.

12. Spinach khar from Assam is nothing like anything.

13. Try the dry fried chicken with bamboo shoots from Arunachal Pradesh.

14. Colors of joy on your plate, jadoh from Meghalaya

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Photo of Meghalaya, India by Disha Kapkoti

15. Fish just met a twist with thambou singju in Manipur

16. You must know where to find the best momos.

17. Mui borok, a distinct delight on your plate from Tripura

18. Mizoram's misa mach poora is grilled shrimps at their best.

19. Pork with dry bamboo shoots from Nagaland will charm your taste buds.

20. Sattu ka paratha from Jharkhand. Because aaloo paratha is just too mainstream.

21. Petha from Raipur, Chattisgarh is where all sweetness begins and ends

22. Goan Fish Curry by the seaside is the food for gods

23. Don't you dare call it the mallu pizza. It's uttapam from Kerela

24. Odisha gave the first rasgulla to this world. Let us all bow down in respect.

25. That Maharashtrian energy level at Ganesh Chaturthi. Puran poli, yeah! That's where it comes from.

26. The Hyderabad biryani in Andhra Pradesh is an essential!

27. Mysore dosa from Karnataka is dosa with a difference. Try it to believe it.

28. The lip smacking natu kodi pulusu from Telangana

29. And here's idiyappam. Sheer beauty on your plate from Tamil Nadu.

So if you're looking to explore India, then take the road not taken and tour the country through its food!

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