Best Street Food Outlets of Kolkata


Street Food of Kolkata

Photo of Best Street Food Outlets of Kolkata by Sudeshna Mitra

India is well known across the world for its diverse culture. What varies the most with the culture and geography is the language and food habits of people around. India is highly famous for its varying range of tasty street food from Gujarat to Assam and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. However, few cities in India which are namely Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Allahabad, Varanasi are known by food lovers all over the world for being the food paradise of India. So, here in this article let's dive into the street foods of the first British capital and have a look into the best street food outlets of Kolkata.

1. Mouchak

Once you are in Kolkata, you cannot avoid having its most preferred breakfast called Kachuri. It is also called Kachori and Puri in Hindi. This is probably the most famous breakfast all over India. But what makes the Kolkata Kachuri exclusive and unique is the Cholar Daal served with it. The sweet and spicy cholar daal with little crunchy coconut pieces serves you the tastiest breakfast of your life. But to have the tastiest cholar daal you have to come to Mouchak which is located on Surya Sen Street behind College Square. Mouchak is a sweet shop which also serves fast foods like Dosa, Idly, Dahi Vada, Kachuri and a lot more to enhance your appetite.

2. Paramount

After having the most famous breakfast of India, what you have to check out is the heritage drink outlet of Kolkata called the Paramount which was established way back in 1918. It is common for people from any part of the world to have coconut water. But once one visits Paramount, he/she will continue to cherish the taste and the aroma for the lifetime. The must haves of Paramount are the Dub Sherbet (coconut water) and the Lassi. For lassi, one gets a lot of flavor choice which are Rose, Green Mango, Mango, Chocolate and a lot more to make you go gaga over it. Paramount also sells its own syrup in packaged bottles. This juice paradise of Kolkata is also located beside College Square on Bankim Chatterjee Street.

3. Blossom

The street food that you find only in Kolkata is the famous Roll. People of Kolkata find their roll to be the easiest and the quickest to munch no matter where they are. If you are in a hurry and you don't have time to sit and eat, the roll could be the best option. Rolls are piranhas stuffed with fillings of your choice which may range from eggs to chicken tikia. But the authentic filling of the roll is egg and chicken. Kolkata's egg roll is known all across India for its simplicity and authenticity. Though there are many famous outlets serving rolls in Kolkata, Blossom is a must visit if you are in Kolkata. It is located right beside the Hedua Park on Bidhan Sarani.

4. Kalika

Once you are out for trying best street foods of Kolkata, what you can't avoid as far as authenticity is concerned is a fish fry. This snack has been the favorite snack of the city since the British Raj. They brought this food to Kolkata, and the people accepted it with a warm heart and customized it in accordance with the Indian taste buds which in turn became a significant dish in the Kolkata's street food chart. But as far as tasting the authentic fish fry is concerned Kalika is a must visit a place which is located on the Surya Sen Street.

5. Bholanath Cabin

The best street food outlets of Kolkata not necessarily are very high furnished, but what makes these different from those of the rest of the cities is simplicity. The foods are extremely tasty and mouth-watering but not at all rich and the recipes are also not at all overdone. Some of the most favorite quick bites are toast and tea, fish fry, toast and ghoogni, paratha and a lot more simple but yummy tummy fillers. A lot of outlets get a lot of publicity, but on the busy Girish Avenue, a silent player called Bholanath Cabin has been enjoying the love of the foodies of Kolkata. If you are in the hunt of simple and healthy fast food then this is a must visit. The fish fry is a must try at Bholanath Cabin.

6. Rakhi's

Baked foods came into existence in the menu chart of the people of Kolkata with the emergence of British in the city. The city is one of their favorites was introduced to some of the British delicacies which have lasted till date and undergone a lot of innovation by the Bengalis. Cake or any other food coming out hot from the baker's oven is such a delicacy. So, if you are walking by towards Sealdah along the M.G Road and feel a sudden urge of hunger or drawn towards a bakery paradise by the smell of vanilla, then you are the best place called Rakhi's to get freshly baked cookies, cakes, and patties. Either you munch it right there or you take it home, but no matter what you do, you will not get a better homely tasting baked items than the ones available here.

7. High Court area

It is not very uncommon to hear that street food is highly unhealthy and can cause a lot of stomach infections and other diseases. But what if you get to know the Kolkata has the treasure of healthy street food? Yes! If you are worried about your upset stomach and hungry at the same time, then the High Court area of Kolkata could be your favorite visit. Here you will not only get some of the tastiest recipes but also the healthiest one. Here you will get everything starting right from stew to dosa, roti, rice, sweets and a lot more to munch. The best thing about this place is that the vendors work here only during office hours, and most of the shops run out of food by the time offices are closed. So, here you will find no story of leftovers and even today you can have a plate of heavy lunch at just Rs. 20.

8. Esplanade

For many of us shopping and eating go hand in hand, and thus, Esplanade is probably the best place as far as both eating and shopping are concerned. Once you are at Esplanade, you have to try the Kebabs and the Faluda Kulfi from the stalls near Simpark Mall. For a heavy lunch like fried rice, chicken, noodles or pav bhaji you have to visit the stall on Linsday Street.

9. Balwant Singh Eating House

If you are a tea freak and suddenly late at midnight you feel a sudden urge for a giant cup of Kesar Chaay, Balwant Singh Eating House is going to be your destination. Take a sip of your Kesar Tea with freshly made Namkeens at any time of the day. Whatever be the time, you will never be disappointed or return hungry from this address.

10. Academy of Fine Arts

Kolkata is the land of Tagore and known across the world for literature and literature loving intellectuals. To get a flavor of this intellect, one must come in front of the Academy Fine Arts in the evening. The name of this place itself states the choice of the people who come here. This area has the biggest cinema theatre in West Bengal with the biggest screen, exhibition spaces and some small and big stage theatres some which are dream destinations for the theatre artists to perform. It is also the place which hosts the Kolkata International Film Festival every year welcoming cinema from across the globe. In short, this is a second home for the intellectuals of the city. Here during the evening time, one will get the flavor of Kolkata's best streets foods besides the aroma of the city's culture. Harida is the man who has been selling ta over here since the time this place was constructed. His tea is not just the favorite of the regular visitors, but he also is the witness of a lot of changes, ups and downs and a lot more that this city has gone through. Besides tea, you also have a huge choice of snacks like the fish finger, fish fry, spring roll, momo, etc.

It is impossible to uphold the list of the best street food outlets of Kolkata in one article. Kolkata, being the city of joy has a lot in its treasure to give. To explore every bit of it, one has to immensely love the city for a lifetime.