15 Railway Stations You Must Eat At If You Call Yourself A Foodie


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A land where in a matter of few kilometres, everything from the language to cultural practices change, India is undoubtedly, a place unlike any other. The sheer diversity of our populace results in a beautiful amalgamation which is impossible to find anywhere else in the world. This beautiful diversity goes on to reflect in a variety of ways such as dialect, art, practices and my personal favourite, food!

Right from the extreme food of Nagaland to the sugar laden preparations of Gujarat, India's diverse taste palate stretches across its boundaries — which happen to be so widespread that trying out food from every part of the country almost becomes impossible. This is exactly where my favourite part of travelling, train journeys come in place. An ardent fan of traveling in trains, I have always loved hopping out at railway stations and losing myself to local delicacies.

Here are my fifteen of my favourite railway station food items that you can have on the go and get a great insight into the place's food scene:

1. Kanda poha at Ratlam station

A plate of poha is the staple breakfast pretty much all across Madhya Pradesh, and the busy Ratlam Junction Railway Station is no different. Vendors here dish out their own versions of the classic Indian breakfast, compelling travellers to get down from their trains and grab some. Pair up a plate with a cup of piping hot tea for the perfect start to the day!

2. Kadhi kachori at Ajmer station

A breakfast item very typical of the Rajasthan - Gujarat belt, kadhi kachori combines the goodness of the classic dahi kadhi with a crispy kachori. The dish is a local favourite in the entire belt and vendors can easily be spotted selling it almost about everywhere. If you're someone who's already drooling over the thought of kadhi kachori, make sure you pick up a plate the next time you're crossing Ajmer Railway Station. Trust me when I say this, it is actually one of the best ones you'll ever come across!

3. Chhole bhature at Jalandhar station

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Photo of Jalandhar Railway Station, Amrik Nagar, Qaji Mandi, Jalandhar, Punjab, India by Siddharth Sujan

A land where people feast on stuffed paranthas in the morning and end their day with deep fried chicken, Punjab is undeniably the country's ultimate food destination. However, if there's one dish that is synonymous with the spirit of Punjab, it has to be chhole bhature. The state has several landmark eateries that claim to dish out the best chhole bhature and one of them is Jalandhar Railway Station. Miss this one at your own risk because this is as good as it gets!

4. Famous Amritsari lassi at Amritsar station

If you're travelling through Punjab and haven't treated yourself to a glass of sweet lassi yet, you're really missing out on something big (quite literally big!). The Amritsar Railway Station makes for a great place for travellers from across the world to savour a glass of this creamy deliciousness. A small heads up though, the servings are huge and will definitely test your appetite so make sure you try this on an empty stomach!

5. Lal Sah at Guwahati Railway Station

With one of the highest production rates in the country, tea is much more than just another crop for the people of Assam. The rolling tea gardens of Assam produce some of the finest teas in the world, in the process attracting travellers and providing livelihood to thousands. Of all the exquisite varieties available in the state, Lal Sah or red tea remains a local favourite. The sugary tea is prepared without milk and is available across Assam, including the Guwahati Railway Station.

6. Vada pao at Karjat station

Travelling through Maharashtra and not digging into the tangy vada paos at railway stations is no less than a sin in itself. The deep fried vadas, melt in your mouth paos and zesty chutneys all combine to make for the perfect snack. The picturesque surrounding of Karjat Railway Station only adds to the entire experience, ensuring that you just won't be able to stop at just one vada pao!

7. Chicken cutlets at Howrah

Whether it is mutton or fish or chicken, cutlets or chops are a big thing across the city of Kolkata. Locals swear by this easy yet comfort snack, so much so that they find their way even to the city's railway station. The Howrah Railway Station has some of the best cutlet vendors in the city and the chicken cutlets are simply to die for!

8. Aloo tikki at Tundla

Inspite of being an extremely remote town that you might have not even heard of before, food in Tundla does perfect justice to the intricate flavours of Uttar Pradesh. The extremely flavourful aloo tikkis of Tundla Railway Station enjoy a legendary status among ardent foodies across India. The perfect balance of sweet and spicy is said to be so on point that foodies have claimed to pick trains that halt at Tundla just to have a plate of tikkis!

9. Pakoras at Chittorgarh station

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Photo of Chittaurgarh Junction, Railway Colony, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India by Siddharth Sujan

Much like the entire vibe of the state, eating out in Rajasthan is also a lot about royalty. However, it is through simpler dishes like a plate of hot pakoras at Chittorgarh Railway Station that you really learn about the state's earthy taste palate. So the next time you're out and about exploring the fort town or just happen to be crossing Chittorgarh, make sure you have a plate of mix vegetable pakoras with a cup of tea!

10. Maddur vada at Maddur

Karnataka's very own version of a cookie, Maddur vada originates from this sleepy town in the state's Mandya district. The savoury and flavourful vada is an ideal evening snack and is best paired with a cup of tea. If you happen to be in a train that halts at Maddur, don't even make an effort because vendors get on to the trains, delivering piping hot batches right at your seat!

11. Ghee onion rava dosa at Chennai Central Station

While many people believe that food across South India is pretty much the same, it is actually quite the opposite. Even when it comes to a staple dish such as dosa, the taste varies starkly and my personal favourite has to be the dosas of Tamil Nadu. The dosa vendors at Chennai Central Railway Station whip up quite a lot of interesting varieties but the ghee onion rava dosa is guaranteed to leave you asking for more!

12. Charbagh Station's Lucknavi biryani

A mention of Lucknow almost always brings along with it lip-smacking delicacies into the picture — and rightly so! Whether it is the famed tunday kebab or its flavoursome chaat, Lucknow is one destination every foodie swears by. And the best part about the city is that you don't even need to venture out into the lanes to get a taste of all these amazing dishes. The Charbagh Railway Station is a food haven in itself and the Lucknavi biryani sold here will restore your faith in station food!

13. Aloo poori at Kharagpur Railway Station

Owing to a significant student populace, Kharagpur is full of eateries that dish out meals at pocket friendly prices. One such hidden gem that attracts people from all walks of life is surprisingly, the Kharagpur Railway Station. The busy station is lined with vendors selling the famous dum aloo sabzi, pairing them with freshly deep fried puris. Whether it be a comfort breakfast or a hearty lunch, this is one combination that will never let you down!

14. Fish curry at Jamshedpur's Tatanagar Station

While you might think twice before having a meal at a railway station's canteen, I urge you to keep all your qualms aside if you happen to be crossing Jamshedpur in a train. The Tatanagar Junction Railway Station has one of the best station canteens you'll ever come across. While the ambience is pretty basic and very typical, it is the taste that makes this one a winner. The canteen staff uses fresh catch to prepare the fish curry and serves it with plain boiled rice. Homely yet delectable, this is one meal that you should miss at your own risk!

15. Pedas at Mathura station

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, it is highly unlikely that you haven't heard stories of Mathura's legendary pedas. Available in a range of varieties and flavours, pedas have for years, continued to be one of the biggest attractions of Mathura. Vendors from some of the city's most recognised sweet shops deliver boxes of the sinful delicacy inside trains halting at Mathura station and there just isn't any reason why you shouldn't pick a box (or two)!

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