From Pani Puri to Wasabi, where to Find these Unique Ice Cream Flavours in India



Photo of From Pani Puri to Wasabi, where to Find these Unique Ice Cream Flavours in India by Sonal Agarwal

The innovation of ice cream has proven to be a blessing for mankind. The importance of ice cream goes very deep for us. Be it heartbreak or celebration of any kind, ice cream fits in easily. The frozen scoops of happiness are just perfect for a hot summer day. Today, in spite of having a variety of flavours, chefs and home cooks around the world are still experimenting and creating new flavours, that will absolutely blow your mind. Here is a list of some of the most unique flavours of ice cream created and where to find them in India.


Photo of Apsara Ice Creams, Vanganahalli, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Sonal Agarwal

Flavour: Pani Puri Pataka (Sorbet)

Pani Puri has a separate fan base in India. Mixing India's most l0ved street snack with cold refreshing dessert is one of the best innovations that has happened for any Indian in the food sector. This combination of Indian spices and Italian sweet is a bomb and a must try at Apsara Ice Creams in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Jaipur. They have in total of 69 stores all over India.

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Photo of Tawakkal Restaurant, Samantbhai Nanji Marg, Dongri, Umerkhadi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Sonal Agarwal

Flavour: Masala Chai

Most of the Indians start their day with a fresh cup of Masala Chai, but this restaurant in Noida Sector 63 gives you the opportunity to end your day with the same Masala Chai. Doesn't it sound amazing! If roasted coffee beans can taste good in ice cream, then tea has to be better than that. Because we Indians love our chai as much as we love coffee in our desserts.

Flavour: Kaju Katli, Milk Bacon, Blue Cheese Honey and Lavender Honey

Bono Ice creams of Bandra, Mumbai has always been a buzz in the city for its exciting unique flavours. One of the most interesting ones is the Kaju Katli flavoured ice cream, which is easily adaptable to the Indian palate. No festival is complete without Kaju Katli, and therefore, it is a perfect frozen treat for the festivals. The other must-try flavours here are Milk Bacon, Blue Cheese Honey and Lavender Honey.

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Photo of Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room, 12th Main Road, 8th cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India by Sonal Agarwal

Flavour: Smoked Avocado

Avocado is a new obsession among fitness freaks. It is currently everywhere, so how can it not be in ice creams. Get the goodness of this super food in the extraordinary form of ice cream. You can get your hands on this tasty treat at any of the five restaurants of Burma Burma located in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Noida and Gurgaon.


Photo of Mama Mia, Ballygunge Circular Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Sonal Agarwal

Flavour: The Stardust Ice Cream/ Black Ice cream/ Charcoal

Well, as the name suggests the Black Ice Cream is all about its colour. This new flavour is a different take on ice creams. The ice cream gets its colour from activated charcoal sourced from the husk of coconuts which makes it safe and edible. Mama Mia has several stores in Kolkata and Delhi. One picture of this ice cream will light up your Instagram feed.

(C) The Frozen Tree

Photo of The Frozen Tree, GP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Sonal Agarwal

Flavour: Bloody Mary, Beer and Sangria Popsicle

If you are hosting a party and are too lazy to go out and buy booze, then here is a shortcut that will get everyone happy tipsy and get the party started. Frozen Tree of Kolkata prepares all sorts of popsicle on order. The Frozen Tree has two branches in Kolkata.

PS: White Owl in Lower Parel Mumbai also serves Beer Popsicles.

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Photo of Tao of Peng, Village, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India by Sonal Agarwal

Flavour: Wasabi and Black bean vodka

These gourmet flavours are a must try for anyone who is looking for a gastronomical adventure in Chennai. Wasabi, a well know fruit in Japanese cuisine has gained sudden popularity in the food industry and therefore has found its way to enter the world of ice creams. Try these unique ice creams at this Chinese speciality restaurant in Chennai.

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