Kinner Kailash

1st Aug 2018
Photo of Kinner Kailash by Prabhat Gautam

This a trip I went to Kinner kailash.

I have started my trip to New Delhi.

Firstly, I have taken the train from Delhi railway station to Kalka which is coming at 9:45 pm and reached Kalka at 5:00 am. After that, I have taken a bus from Kalka to Shimla and I have reached there within 3 hours.

After that, I have taken a bus to Reckong Peo which is too far and taken a whole day to reached there. I have taken the bus from the Shimla bus stand nearly at 10 am to reached Kalpa (Reckong Peo) at 8:30 pm. The tents were there to stay by the Devotees.

I have taken a tent with me because there were very fewer arrangments were there to stay. I have started my trek from Kalpa and by the help ropeway i went to another side of the river and it was near about 14 km trek and it was really hard and if you reached to Parvati park before 2 pm then only the army allowed you to walk forward otherwise you have to stay there only. So, I have reached there at 2:30 pm so they didn't allow me to go ahead. So, I have to wait there.

I have started my journey at 2 am because I planned to come back to Parvati bagh. My first point was Ganesh gufa and I have reached there at 5 am and then from there my other point was Parvati Kund there I have reached nearly 9 am and please your water bottle here only because after this point no water will be there for next 7 km. From there I want to go to Kailash the peak point because after 2 pm then whether was very bad and only fog will there. so if you want to do a darshan then I would suggest that you should reach the point before noon.If you want to stay at Ganesh Gufa you can stay but don't think to stay at Parvati Kund because there is no place to stay there. And after doing the darshan I came back to Parvati bagh at 9 pm.

And I have started at 7 am for back to the starting point. and I have reached at 2 pm to the starting point. and then I have taken the bus to Shimla.

After reaching Shimla I have taken the bus to Ambala and then to Delhi.

Please take care of yourself and please carry fewer things with you.Necessary things:- Torch, warm clothes, stick for a walk, shoes with nice grip downside they should not be slippery, water bottle. Please do let me know for any concern and can watch the video I have shared the link of the video. Har Har Mahadev