A quick getaway- Daman

26th Apr 2015
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Devka beach, Daman

The hidden Portugal gem - Daman

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Hunting for a beautiful place for a short holiday trip ? It definitely has to be Daman! The beautiful land of beaches and forts! I visited Daman with a group of friends after hours and hours of planning and a horrifying back to back session of board exams!

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It was ofcourse a much needed break for us to escape from the busy streets of Bombay and stay somewhere pleasant, calm and breezy.

Daman is a beautiful place with two beaches named Jampore beach and Devka beach. It also has two forts, one near the jetty garden and one in moti daman which is called as the moti daman fort.

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Daman is not hard to get to. Its closer from Vapi station and there are trains available to vapi station from Mumbai every one hour with passenger as well as express trains. The taxi will drop you to the daman taxi stand from Vapi station with a fare of Rs. 30 per person. 

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It was a three day short trip where we stayed at Hotel Marina, next to the taxi stand, Nani Daman. It is a beautiful hotel with an ancient portugal look with wooden texture fitted in. The whole hotel is made up of wood and it was beautiful and reasonable. The cost for a room would approximately be around Rs.1700 for 3 adults.

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Staying in this hotel saved alot of our traveling cost since thr fort and jetty garden were just at a distance of 5 minutes. We would walk by the road and reach the fort quick. 

The place outside the fort is quiet crowded in the evenings because of the typical roadside chinese food and frankie rolls served here. They have all the typical stalls which include falooda, soda pub, chinese, ragda patice, pani Puri , rolls etc. 

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There is boating as well across the jetty garden wherein you can just simply go for a boatride or go reach the moti daman side to visit the fort and other places there.

The devka beach is also just at a distance of 5min from the hotel and all sorts of local stalls and the daman market stalls fall on the way.

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The next hotel was hotel Silver Sands, near marvad hospital. Staying in this hotel was the best and the most amazing part our trip. The cost per room was approximately Rs. 1650 for 2 adults. The service was good, polite and quick. They have a swimming pool of 6 ft between the huge trees which was amazing. They have many outdoor games placed above the reception which includes carrom, table tennis and pool. They also have a spa which is exclusive of the cost of the hotel. They also have a small decent gym above the spa. The restaurant looks beautiful when its all lit up in the night with yellow lights all around and good food exclusive of the cost again. They provide free breakfast in the morning which includes cornflakes, tea, milk, toasted bread, cutlets, jam and butter and upma. The rooms are spacious and huge with an amazing view of the poolside from above.

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This hotel was just opposite the Devka beach which had huge long trees, so chilling around the beach in the evening was something we loved doing. The beach has ample amount of space covered with many tables and chairs to sit and taste the seafood. The seafood here is expensive and not worth it. Its good for a one time try. They even have camel and horse rides on the beach. 

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Overall if your planning on going for a trip to Daman for 3 days, the total cost should come upto Rs. 2300 approximately including travel, food and stay.

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