What's your Travel story?

Photo of What's your Travel story? 1/1 by Sneha Reddy

I’m sure nobody has got time. Even when we have like a little time, we plan a trip but end up sitting on our couch, eating from quarter filled chips packet with a chilled beer in one hand(In my case, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and a jar of Nutella works wonders :D ). When you are in college, parents ask you to study hard so that you can earn to live happily (for me, to travel). And when you start earning, they ask you to work even more harder because the salary you earn will fetch you nothing (by that they mean- ghar, gaadi, bla bla). Now that I'm back to studying, I realized there is no right time to travel. The only time you can travel is when you want to. Give me hundred strong reasons why you can't travel, I will still not be convinced (I'm not talking about that international trip you've always wanted to go). I've seen people who say that they love travelling but end up getting wasted on that serene beach and miss that beautiful sunset. I'm no one to judge but wasting few bucks to travel to some place for booze doesn't make much sense to me at least. Yet again, if you've an amazing story to tell us then I'm all ears. (Maybe about how you asked out a random girl on the beach or what happened to your luggage/gadgets when you're not in your senses :P )

Travelling could be to the same place but each time you go, you've got to have a new story to share.

Maybe to the same ice cream bhaiyya you go to for an amazing kulfi, but this time only to initiate a conversation. Maybe to the same old cafe, but not with the same old friends but in a hope to make new friends. Maybe walk in the same lane as you usually do, but to silently observe the chaos and the calm of those narrow streets with spacious bungalows where even more spacious hearts reside.  Maybe to the same old shady restaurant to have that one dish you've always wanted to try but was apprehensive. 

We don't have to cross oceans to make new friends or learn a new culture. Step out of your house, you will realize that the world isn't a small place and there is so much unexplored in your city itself. Explore it, capture moments, pen down your experiences (be it good or bad), share it if you want. It gives you a lot of perceptive and helps you understand life better.

Opposing to what most of the posts these days says, there are more than 50 must visit places in India before you turn thirty; No, no not just India, it's right in your city!

Explore the unexplored :)

P.S I still want to go to Santorini. It's my dream destination. Who doesn't love to dream? ;)

Till then Happy Travelling <3