Solo Trip TO Bhutan

8th Mar 2021
Photo of Solo Trip TO Bhutan by Hostel Traveller
Day 1

Train from Sealdha to Hasimara

Train name :- SDAH APDJ SPL

Train number :- (03149)

SDAH time:- 20:35

Hasimara :- 10:50

Price:- SL- 390 3A:- 1050

Day 2

Time approx.:- 1 hour

Cross border by foot

Entre Bhutan

Jaigaon the last village of india

Hasimara to jaigaon


Auto charges:- 50rs (approx.)

Cab Charges :- 500rs (approx.)

First city is phuntsholing

100m from entry gate there is a immigration counter

Visa on arrival

Make a permit for Bhutan ( free for Indian )

Lunch Time 1pm to 2 pm

Document needed

• Passport / voter card

• 2 passport size photo

• Receipt of hotel booking

• Undertaking letter (solo traveler )

• Photo copies of document

{ get a local sim card , cost around 500}

Phuntsholing to Timphu

Distance :- 148.2km

Time:- 4hrs 30min (approx.)

Bus :- 500rs ( last bus at 4pm )

Shared cab :- 1000rs

Private cab :- 1500rs -2000rs

Reached Timphu

Day 1 in Bhutan

Reached approx. 8pm

Book any hostel / home stay

Price :- 500rs to 700rs

Location :- clock tower/ city center

Have dinner and take rest

Day 3

Day 2 in Bhutan

First book a bus for next day to Paro

Seightseeing of timphu

Cab approx. 1000rs for shared and 2000rs for private

Seeightseeing places

• Dzongkha chotem (memorial chorten ) entry fees:- approx. 350rs

• Buddha point

entry fees:- free

• Taking reserve ( not so important )

Entry fee :- 350rs taking is national animal of Bhutan which is more similar look like a imphala

• Dochlua Pass ( bhuttan Nepal border )

At height of 10200ft , 108 stupa , made by the oldest queen of Bhutan

Day 3 in Bhutan

Day 4

Take bus for Paro

Distance From Timphu :- 50.9km

Time :- 2hours

Bus timing :- 9.30am

Reach paro by 11.30 and do checkin in hotel

And take a cab for tiger nest trek

Trek distance :- 5km

Temple close at 3pm

Return back to hotel area and visit local hand craft market

Day 4 in Bhutan

Day 5

Train at 4pm from Hasimara Station

Tips:- try to look for cheap hotel/homestay/hostel

Return back to hasimara

Total distance:- 161.7km

Total time :- 5hours (approx.)

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