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The weather was cool in Thimphu but it became colder as one go on ascent to Dochula Pass. At an elevation of 3,100m after a 12-km drive, you are in the lap of nature with snowy Himalayan ranges looming in the background. Even at noon it gets foggy, and chilly weather can deprive you of a clear view. But then its amazing feeling to stand in a valley filled with hills, cypress trees and thousands of fluttering flags all across you. The Buddhist belief that inscribed mantras in prayer flags will be transmitted across the land by the wind and spread goodness so even at the highest of the mountains , you can see colourful flags at every pass, valley, bridges and houses. Predominantly in five colours, they represent the five colours of the elements — blue (sky), white (clouds), red (fire), green (water) and yellow (earth). Isn't it amazing?

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