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Chaitali Chatterjee
The pass does not only have all the scenic views of valleys on both sides but also is the site of the 108 Druk Wangyal Chortens.
If the weather is clear and you got to see the surrounding snow-laden peaks, it's one of the most beautiful mountain passesLocation - 20 km from ThimphuFor bird's eye view of the place and a quite experience, you can visit Druk Wangyal Lhakhang temple which is nearby. The intricate design of the temple is a marvelous example of Bhutanese art and architecture.
Thimphu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan and fourth highest capital in the world by altitude. It’s a blend of modern development with ancient traditions.How to reach ThimphuThimphu is just 1.15-hour drive from Paro. If you have not booked a taxis for the entire duration of your trip, you can use private and shared taxis.There are many spectacular places to visit in Thimpu.Sunrise at Buddha Dordenma“Every day a million miracles begin at sunrise!” - Eric Jerome DickeyAnd to see one such, we woke up before sunrise (I know it’s difficult but trust me its worth) and make our way (via cab) to one of the largest statues of Buddha.
♦♦Dochula Pass: On our way to Punaka (known as the Winter Capital of Bhutan until 1966) we stopped by Dochula Pass (alt. 3150 Mts) with 108 Chortens (Budhist shrines). If the sky is clear you get the most spectacular view of the Eastern Himalayan mountain ranges from this pass but we had no such luck with low hanging clouds. ♦♦ Chimilakhang: After a brief hike through the paddy fields we reached this interesting place also known as the Mad monk’s temple. The saint Drukpa kinley was known for his outrageous methods of preaching. He is represented by a Phallus. This symbol is found in souvenir shops, temple and some of the walls of the nearby homes. (kept in homes to drive away evil eye and the negative energies). It was here that the mad monk after killing the demon of Dochula buried the body under a rock near the temple. A chorten stands as a reminder nearby. Wondering why the monk tapped our heads with the phallus, we asked our guide. Apparently this place is also known as the fertility temple as lot of childless couples were blessed with children after paying a visit here. Meaning blessed by the phallus!
Vinay Dutt Purohit
Dochula Pass