Rich Culture and Heritage of Jaisalmer

Photo of Rich Culture and Heritage of Jaisalmer by Sparsh Jethwani

Jaisalmer, The Golden City of Rajasthan, is not just a famous tourist destination in India. Jaisalmer, in fact, holds great importance in the good books of the historians when it comes to retaining and ascending the culture and heritage of Indian History.

Monuments of Historical Importance

Jaisalmer is home to multiple such monuments and buildings which stand as a witness to the glorious history of Jaisalmer and the past of India during the reign of Kings and Queens. Jaisalmer has been the centre of historical heritage which includes:




Political Buildings

Museums and Heritage Centres

A lot of such locations in Jaisalmer are preserved as cultural heritage and have become a centre of practical approach of study for those who like to experience the richness of culture and heritage first-hand. A lot of tourists, historians and Indian as well as foreign researchers visit Jaisalmer to study the history and culture of Jaisalmer. All these places are famous sightseeing spots in Jaisalmer and can be visited by hiring a Taxi Service in Jaisalmer.

Rich Cuisine — Blend of Mughlai and Rajputana as well as Desert Cuisine

When we talk about Jaisalmer, we cannot miss talking about the food here. The food is a unique blend of Mughlai food practices and Rajputana spicy food recipes. The delicacies prepared here are known to be rich in ghee, jaggery and millets and pulses, known to be the core diet substances for people living in the Indian western desert locations. This variety of food and delicacies are inspired straight from the Kings’ Courts’. They are popular and recognised worldwide and loved by the tourists who visit here often. The food here is a tourist attraction in its own and a lot of tourists visiting Jaisalmer have accepted that they went on a food binge in the local city after hiring Cab Service in Jaisalmer.

Rajputana Costumes

Even till today, a majority of people in Jaisalmer wear Rajputi Poshak and Ghaghra Choli which people in this region used to wear during the reign of Kings. People are fond of the same vintage prints and patterns which depict their culture. The colours keep evolving as per the trend, but the basic clothing remains the same, passed on to the next generations. Even though a majority of population is now urban, you will find someone wearing these traditional costumes in each household.

Folk Art, Music and Dance

Jaisalmer is a place where people visit to get a feel of the true Rajasthani folk art, dance and music. The people are very fond of their local art and music. A lot of these songs capture the beauty of Jaisalmer, describe important historical events, or bring their culture to highlight. Even today, the new songs that are composed by modern artists have a hint of Rajasthani culture with some elements of the food, costume or practices that are followed by the locals here in the present or during the olden times.

Language and Literature

Various records of literature consisting of historical events, stories, mythologies and religion of Jaisalmer is conserved and popularised throughout the region. The literature does not just remain in books. The locals here are well aware about their history and are fond of discussing it with their children, with tourists or outsiders who are eager to learn. If you visit Jaisalmer, you will be able learn a lot about its history and culture through chats with the locals, with their anecdotes, stories, myths and legends that they have to share. The language of Jaisalmer is distinctive in terms of vocabulary and accent, a lot of words taken from the ancient times. This passes on from generation to generation. When you visit any tourist destination via Taxi in Jaisalmer, look for locals who come there often or live nearby, those are the ones that will tell you such stories.