Why Jaisalmer is a Must Visit in Rajasthan

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The Golden City of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is a famous tourist destination not just in India, but Worldwide. The center of Thar Desert, Jaisalmer welcomes tourists in lakhs each year. What makes Jaisalmer so famous? What is so exciting about Jaisalmer which brings lakhs of tourists visiting Jaisalmer every year? The reasons are plenty.

Historical Landmark

Jaisalmer has a rich past. It was founded by Rawal Jaisal Singh, the then emperor of the Bhati clan with the construction of Jaisalmer Fort. From then till now, the city has been a witness to various attacks, various rulers of the Bhati clan and a central location for the Marwar Dynasty. The city is full of various historic monuments and buildings made up of Yellow sandstone, each depicting the rich lifestyle of the people during the rule of Maharajas. It is easy to find or hire a Taxi in Jaisalmer and visit the various sightseeing locations.

Geographical Location

The geographical location of Jaisalmer is such that it is mostly a desert city. It is the center of Thar Desert. An extension of the city is now urbanized and developed into markets, hotels, restaurants and lifestyle stores. This gives the tourists a unique tourism experience where they can enjoy a two- in-one journey — one of the desert area and another of the urban area. This also allows the tourists to experience various desert activities like camping, paragliding, desert safari, dune bashing and camel riding, along with a vast urban experience of lavish hotel, grand resorts and extensive market areas in the same city of Jaisalmer. Furthermore, Jaisalmer is well connected through roads and rails, which makes it an easily accessible location. A taxi service can also be availed from JCR CAB to travel to nearby cities in Jaisalmer.

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Rich Culture and Tradition

The tourism in Jaisalmer has developed itself to portray its rich culture and tradition in all its glory. One can visit Jaisalmer and experience its culture and tradition in every small detail of the city. It is in food that they it, it is in their lifestyle, it is in their costumes, it is in their houses and mansions, it is in their language, their books and even imprinted on the walls of the city with the fragrance of love of locals for their land.

Photo of Why Jaisalmer is a Must Visit in Rajasthan by kapil sarva

Sightseeing Locations

The sightseeing locations in Jaisalmer include the Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer Wood Fossil Park, Jain Temples, Various mansions and Havelis located in the epicentre of the city, Sam Sand Dunes as well as beautiful Lakes like Godi Sagar and Amar Sagar. All the sightseeing locations are unique to Jaisalmer, unravelling the glorious past and present of the city in the form of concrete goodness. Visitors coming to Jaisalmer love to explore the city and its sightseeing locations. They say that this is something they have never seen anywhere before. The markets allow the tourists to purchase cultural costumes with colourful prints and designs and beautiful regional accessories made up of laak (clay) or oxidised silver. All these locations can be reached easily by hiring a Taxi Service in Jaisalmer.

Exclusive Jaisalmeri Cuisine

The cuisine of Jaisalmer is a mix of Mughal, Marwari and Rural Desert food. This unique blend is loved by tourists and visitors from all over the world. Famous dishes like Gud(Jaggery) Halva, Daal Baati, Dal Moth, Sogra, Gatte Ki Sabzi, etc. are served to tourists with special Tawa Roti or Naan. The city is also famous for Mughal inspired non vegetarian dishes like Murg-e-subz, Laal Maas, Shaahi Tukda, etc.

All these factors combined, along with the fact that the Jaisalmer tour turns out to be very affordable for people in the western cities, as well as the absence of a desert location, developed countries attract tourists to visit Jaisalmer. The vivid and unique experience offered by tourism in Jaisalmer has popularized the city as one of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide.

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