Travelling or Touring to Jaipur & Jaisalmer


Popular Kalali Songs Names

Spend few days at guest house

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First of all, we visited Pune. We had heard many stories about it to enjoy the life of village and traditional heritage property, so we reached at airport and wanted to stay at guest house instead to a hotel because hotel cannot give us family type care to us.

We wanted to see village culture

Our first motto was to see village so stay was better option and friends still we are happy with this decision that we had taken.

Got to know about Rajasthan

Our taxi driver utters the name. He said that it is best location for us to look up the whole city without any traffic. It is located near to village so we enjoyed the village with our stay.

All services were same as to any hotel and prices are too minimal so we ignored that. After 10 days stay at there, we were going to check-out as well as from city. we planned to un-planned travelling after that but my friend told me ask from local people to know " what is best second option to visit the next location in India." so we asked to owner and he told me the Rajputana Food of the Rajasthan.

Rajputana was well known name and it has many books based totally on rajputana. Food tradition also enrich with the taste and health.

Owner helped us lot and given number of a local guide to travel their without any problem. We reached their through Train and Train Travelling was enough crowded till station. After that enjoyed too.

It was rainy season. Nature was full with green and temperature was not high, although we were in AC couch. We reached at the Jaipur Station. Called to the guide number. He arrived to the station without taking time.

Visited Jaisalmer

Here we stayed at the guide home. Next day, we visited Jaisalmer to taste the food of Rajasthan and to hear the song of Rajputana. Kalali songs are famous and if you listen the song during your dinner meal then it will create great environment.

We tasted Rajputi Mutton in a Rajputi House and it was really delicious food but it was spicy and spice means taste.

Still my story is un-finished but I should end here. For help please comment here and do not forget KALALI songs.

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They advised us to travel for more.

It is mainly spicy mutton food to enjoy travelling of Rajasthan