A night stay at Jaisalmer Sand dunes

13th May 2023
Photo of A night stay at Jaisalmer Sand dunes by Abhay Kumar
Day 1

We have opted for a road trip this time and we were riding to the beautiful sand dunes of Jaisalmer.

We started early in the morning from Udaipur to Jaisalmer , it was a long drive. After having a quick refreshment midway we rode to the city of Jaisalmer.  Jaisalmer city was busy when we arrived in the afternoon. The plan was to visit the sand dunes for sunset and be there for the night and visit the city the next  morning.

So after a quick meal stop we headed to Sam sand dunes , it was around 30km from the city. we had a desert camp already pre-booked Shiv Tara desert camp.After a warm welcome by the resort team we went directly to sleep as it was a tiring journey. By evening we were having a camel ride to the desert . So we got ready for the evening camel ride , two people were set to be on one camel. The climb on the camel was a bit scary. The person who sits in the front sits first and as the camel gets up it feels like you are about to fall vertically. The journey to the dunes was short , being a person seeing the desert for the first time i was excited. It was a vast sight of sand , curling in every possible way. The designs of the dunes were remarkable.we sat there to enjoy the desert sunset. There are people selling namkeen and chai. Everyone had something to snack on while waiting for the sunset. you will find artists who will come and sing to you with their own musical instrument. The music is so soothing and it carries you to a place of calmness ,it might also be induced by the vast sight of sand , it takes you to a place of all possibilities. As the time arrived for the sun to say goodbye for the day , the sun was visible as a bright orange ball , a perfect cycle. It kept going down faster and faster and the sun painted the sky in different shades as it went down. The landscape was one of the most beautiful ones I had ever seen, sun setting behind the dunes ,camels strolling the dunes, people taking camel rides.  When the sun sets the sky was bright but it started feeling cold gradually. I was expecting all the spectacular colours in the sky right after the sunset but it wasn't like that. It was gradual. As we got back on to the camel and started our way back that when those spectacular colours popped in the sky. The pinks ,oranges, violet it was mesmerizing, as the darkness engulfed the sky , the landscape of Jaisalmer was getting painted infront of me. Beautiful dunes all shades of black some bushes popping out here and there  ,sky that is in every gradient of pink and oranges . The journey was indeed beautiful.

Camel ride : 1200
Camping cost : 8000
Camp name : Shiv Tara desert camp

Camp includes food, jeep safari, Rajsthani folk dance and  camel ride.

Sand dunes Jaisalmer

Photo of A night stay at Jaisalmer Sand dunes by Abhay Kumar

Camel ride in sand dunes of Rajsthan

Photo of A night stay at Jaisalmer Sand dunes by Abhay Kumar

Sunset at Thar desert

Photo of A night stay at Jaisalmer Sand dunes by Abhay Kumar