Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City

Photo of Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City 1/8 by Varniika Bhargava

Thar Desert is about 40 kilometres from Jaisalmer so I choose to spend whole night in Desert. And trust me camping in the Thar Desert for the night is the most romantic thing you will ever experience in life. Sleeping under the open sky in the desert with the shinning stars and if you're lucky enough than you can also experience the shooting star.

I started my journey from Jaisalmer to Thar desert in afternoon though the weather was too hot as I've visited in the month of September but the thought of Jeep ride, Camel ride, Sand Dunes was too tempting to resist. I stay in couchsurfing in Jaisalmer and my host was so helpful and kind he guide me with the things not to miss in Thar desert and other places to be covered while returning. Jeep was arranged by him only, Jeep Safari cost us 1000 INR.

Photo of Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City 2/8 by Varniika Bhargava

Desert Safari

The moment my jeep safari start in Thar desert I felt so scared and uncomfortable due to ups and downs but slowly got used to it. It feels like riding on a see-saw and the speed of the Jeep gave me goosebumps whenever I try to stand at the back the speed full me down and my drive keep on encouraging me to stand and enjoy the ride. We stopped to take some photographs. This was my first time in a desert and a landscape was something new to me. The sand dunes looked beautiful with the natural patterns upon them caused by the wind.

Photo of Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City 3/8 by Varniika Bhargava

After the see-saw ride of Jeep safari we stopped for another scary ride of camel. I was quite surprise to witness a small tea shop in dunes and they also offers you chilled beer but we choose to ride first. My camel safari was led by Kali (camel name) and she walked with grace and ease lifting her legs off sand rhythmically. The camel safari cost me 500 INR.

Photo of Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City 4/8 by Varniika Bhargava

As the ride got finished I feel so clam and relaxed, come back to the shop I took a chilled beer and seat in dunes to encounter the sunset as the sun go down the colours changed in the sky - it was a beautiful combination of bright yellow and shades of light red, my jeep safari driver led me to the best spot to witness the sunset.

Photo of Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City 5/8 by Varniika Bhargava

Though the price of beer was double but seating in dunes with chilled beer and experiencing the sunset is totally worth it. That moment was the best moment of my travel history.

Photo of Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City 6/8 by Varniika Bhargava

About Thar Desert

The Thar Desert is the world's 17th largest desert and it is also known as the Great Indian Desert. About 70% of Rajasthan is surrounded by desert, hence it is identified as the "Desert State of India". Where the Thar Desert National Park is located in Jaisalmer or The Golden City apart from forming a natural border with Pakistan, the Thar Desert is one of the top places to visit in Jaisalmer.

Photo of Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City 7/8 by Varniika Bhargava

Camping in Thar Desert

Most of the campsites in the desert are located within a 2 km - 3 km radius, including many luxury tents in Jaisalmer desert. If you opt for any desert safari tour or any Jaisalmer desert camp package, you are most likely to spend the night close to the sand dunes, which is just an incredible experience!

With the night came the chilling cold, I came back to my campsite. The group of Rajasthani folk dancers began dancing and everyone seating in circle around them start dancing one by one. Hot tea was followed by snacks, which got replaced by drinks and food later. My campsite offers only vegetarian food so no clue if others offer non-veg or not.

Photo of Camping in Thar Desert of Golden City 8/8 by Varniika Bhargava

Though my tent was luxury one but I decided to get away from my tent. I walk barefoot in the sand in the dark and make funny noises that echoed so well before drifting away. I wanted to experience how sleeping under the stars would be. It felt magical to lie down and gaze at the galaxy of stars.

Desert Safari Tips

Camping in Thar desert is a must experience while in Jaisalmer, many small and big tour companies organize this overnight or day tour every day. The price are more or less the same. It should not ideally cost you more than 1400 to 1500 INR, depending on what you opt for. Make sure you decide and check with the organizers on how you want to camp and the things include in the cost.

There is no need to book anything in advance as it means you have to pay upfront and you might lose money if you change your plan later.