Kargil is not a war place now,


It was a n autumn ???? trip from leh to kargil to Srinagar, so took many road shorts, one of them.

Photo of Dras, Kargil by Lobzang Tsering

Kargil the place know for its unique wide variety of Dry fruits,  and the most famous one The Apricot, For staying here the options are the hotels,  Guest house & the tourist dark banglow ( Building made by government for tourist).  Three valleys and the town itself has to be explored here..
1. The Sure valley is the best of all where we can explore glacier local villages and the unique village Panikhar ( local meaning of which is "The Palace of Waters")  which means the village has lots of water streams and water fall with charm surrounding makes a perfect place for photography and spending time with friends and family,  also there is Buddha's Statue carve on huge rocks is also there in Sanko Village.
The Parkachik Glaciers is very huge just next to the suru river which is along with the road.. A good place for photography.  And people here are very humble most of the locals,