Chikmagalur #notinnorth

Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth by Sanya Karra

Chikmagalur is a small hill station near Bangalore. It takes 5 hours from Bangalore to reach Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is located in the foothills so the weather is always moderate and pleasant. It is neither too cold nor too hot here. It is a perfect getaway for people living in Bangalore. I stay in Delhi and had to visit this place and I really loved it.

This city is famous for its coffee and black pepper as there are number of coffee plantations here. They have the best and natural coffee. They have number of good places to have authentic south Indian food and different types of coffee.

The city is very clean and the air is breathable. It is a good place to unwind , have some coffee , good food and enjoy the amazing weather.

Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 1/12 by Sanya Karra
beautiful hills away from city
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 2/12 by Sanya Karra
rainy weather in the hills
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 3/12 by Sanya Karra
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 4/12 by Sanya Karra
Sculpture of a lady made using greenery, flowers and flower pots.
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 5/12 by Sanya Karra
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 6/12 by Sanya Karra
view from my villa- palm trees alongwith hills in the background
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 7/12 by Sanya Karra
Entrance to the coffee museum
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 8/12 by Sanya Karra
making coffee :p
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 9/12 by Sanya Karra
courtyard of the coffee museum made using stone and bricks
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 10/12 by Sanya Karra
a coffee laboratory for making coffee
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 11/12 by Sanya Karra
coffee museum
Photo of Chikmagalur #notinnorth 12/12 by Sanya Karra