Colours of Hampi

23rd Jan 2016

Well we got lucky and visited this place in the month of January and it was surely a wonderful trip. I started with the word lucky as this wasn't our first option and we never thought it would turn out be a great trip. Our itinerary was of 2 days. We started from Bangalore on a Friday night and reached Saturday morning. The weather there had a kind of magic in it. The winds were blowing and the place was so common. Hampi is literally a village and it is mainly the ruins of the Vijaynagar empire. We stopped at the Hospet bus stand and from there took a 3 wheeler and it took us to the riverside of Hampi. The worlds across two sides of the river are totally different. One side of the river have all the temples and the local life of village people while the other side is more of a Hippie place. You can see various types of tourists on that side. We decided to stay on that side only. For crossing the river, we took a ferry and reached to the side. The hotel we took had kinds of tourists. Then we started our journey.

Photo of Hampi, Karnataka, India by Ananya Gupta

We started on a bicycle and covered Anegundi hills.The place has Anjuna temple atop and it is believed to be the birthplace of God Hanuman. The temple was 600 steps above and trust me,the view from the top is spectacular.

Photo of Anegundi, Karnataka, India by Ananya Gupta

After that we went to Durga temple, the best feeling was of riding the bicycle. The winds and the view from the streets was perfect.Then we headed to Pampa sarovar which was a bit of disappointment as it is supposed to be a lotus pond but there were no lotus at that moment.Being tired from the journey, we decided to call it off and then reached back to our hotel. Had a great time at their restaurant.

Photo of Colours of Hampi by Ananya Gupta

Day 2: After having breafast, we checked out of the hotel and then started the trip to other side of the river. On just crossing the river, the sight of Virupaksha temple will give you the glimpse of actual Hampi. Just beside that starts Hampi Bazaar.

Photo of Sri Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India by Ananya Gupta

We took a full auto rickshaw as the road was smooth but at an altitude so it could have been difficult. We started with the Ganesh temple, the statue of Lord Ganesha was huge. We headed to Krishna temple afterwards and just opposite to that there is a Pushkarini Bazaar. The place is nice and a good one for the photographers.

Photo of Colours of Hampi by Ananya Gupta

Then Lotus temple, Queen's bath and elephant stables which are located at the same place.

Photo of Colours of Hampi by Ananya Gupta

Special mention to the Vittala temple, the architecture is so beautiful. It has 56 pillars and on tapping the pillars, we can hear the music.The temple is really beautiful with all the carvings on the wall.

Photo of Colours of Hampi by Ananya Gupta

At the end we witnessed the sunset from the top of a mountain. The moment was so perfect that I got totally lost in the calmness.Our trip came to an end with this. We had dinner at a restaurant nearer to the railway station. Then took a train back to Bangalore.

Photo of Colours of Hampi by Ananya Gupta

It was a perfect place and we all were girls who visited this place.From sunrise to sunset, bikes to bicycles, guest houses to guest huts, 600 steps of hanuman temple to roaming around, bus to train, localites to foreigners, lights to no lights, temples all around to sarovars, boats to coracle, tea to coffee...2 days well spent..:)