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Most of us work hard all through the week and longingly wait for the weekends. The weekends are meant to relax and rejuvenate so that we can face the new week with renewed zeal and enthusiasm. Nowadays, we are looking for something different for our weekends. So most of us are travelling to the hill stations to connect to t he nature. Many of us prefer some outdoor activities like trekking and hiking too. We are trying to get back to the nature during these couple of days.

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View from Baamikonda Village

Baamikonda or Bavikonda is one such place near Bangalore that can serve as a perfect weekend destination for the purpose of getting close to the nature. In fact, at Baamikonda, you can also rekindle your passion for outdoor activities and go for a short hike to the Baamikonda – Kaalchukki peak. The trail is one of the most untouched and stunning trails that everyone living in and around Bangalore can enjoy.

Baamikonda lies in the Chikmagalaur district of Karnataka and lies on the outer fringes of the Kudremukh National Park. The trek begins at the Mullodi village that is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls within a radius of 15 km. There is a basic homestay at the Mullodi village. A new homestay has also come up at Baamikonda village. The property is a few kilometers away fro Mullodi village on a table top, but is a very beautiful property amidst much nature and greenery.

View of the village and step cultivation from the hiking trail

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The landscape is wonderful and the serenity in the atmosphere is just what is needed for a relaxing weekend. We can view the step cultivation done in the villages from here. And the clouds hovering at the horizon makes the place look surreal. The hiking trail to Kaalchuki peak is a easy one along the open face of the mountain. The trail is through a ridge that is quite narrow, but easily manageable. And after a hike of about an hour, we will reach the peak. In front of us, we can see the Kudremukh Peak. The rolling green mountains with the shola forests in between will be a treat for the eyes. Through this trail you can see how the forests unfold itself to give a view of the vast stretches of greenery and the blue skies welcomes you with open arms.

The beautiful hiking trail

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Short Itinerary of the Getaway:

Start from Bangalore at night.

Day 1

After an overnight journey, you will reach Balgal. From there, a bumpy jeep ride will take you to Mullodi village. The jeep ride will take you through the coffee plantations to the foothill.

Get freshened at the homestay and after having breakfast, start for the hike. The trail starts through the local forests. As you start walking, you can see the beautiful villages in full glory under the shadows of the mountains and the descending clouds looking down at the green valley. Step farming is mostly practiced here along with coffee plantations. In between the trail, there are streams that you have to cross.

The peak

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As we head towards the Kalchukki peak, we leave behind the village and enter into a land of greenery and tranquility. You can see the Kudremukh peak and the other peaks of Chikmagalaur district from here.

After a climb and hike of about an hour, you will reach the Kalchukki peak. The euphoria that you will achieve after you reach the peak is unparalleled. Enjoy your moment here for sometime and then start your descent.

You will take another hour to reach your homestay. Be careful while descending down as hiking downhill at slippery trails is quite difficult.

Once you reach the homestay, enjoy your much deserved rest. You can even arrange for a campfire at the evening.

View of sunset from the homestay

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Day 2

Start your day viewing the wonderful sunrise. This day, you can visit the Somavati Waterfalls and explore the coffee plantations in the region. After breakfast, start the journey towards Bangalore. Enroute, stop at Horanadu and pay a visit to the Annapurneswari Temple. Reach Bangalore by the end of the day.

Its green everywhere

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Best Time to Visit:

You can visit Baamikonda at any time of the year. The place has its own charm in each of the season. During the monsoon, if you are planning to go for hiking, please be aware that there will be leeches on the way. So please be prepared with salt packets to ward off the leeches. But monoson has other advantages too. The beauty of the place is all the more enhanced during this time. There is greenery all around with the clouds hanging over the valley and the place looks ethereal.

How to Reach:

The nearest Railway station and airport is at Mangalore. Mangalore is 130 km from Balgal. Bangalore is 360 km from the place.

Places to stay:

Mullodi village, also the basecamp of the Kudremukh trek has a basic homestay. A new homestay has come up at Baamikonda village. It is called “Shola Heights” and is the best option to stay here.

"Shola Heights" - the homestay

Photo of Shola Heights Baamikonda, Mullodi, Karnataka, India by Amrita

The Baamikonda village itself is so beautiful that you can stay there for the week. The Kudremukh trek also starts from Mullodi. So if you have a day to spare, you can also do this trek. Whether you go for hiking or not, staying at Baamikonda will surely rejuvenate you and will definitely add some life to your weekend.

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