Gokarna: Cheat day to my detox

Photo of Gokarna: Cheat day to my detox by Joantography

I was under a photography detox during my travel to Gokarna several months back. I decided that I won't take my phone out to click any pictures. And I also remember how I was against the idea of walking all the way to om beach to see the sunset.

But, I couldn't. I had to cheat. There was no way I would let this moment slip. I had to capture it. Today looking back at this picture I feel I did the right thing. I am so happy that I preserved it.

This picture also taught me how not to click everything that you see and how to choose moments worth clicking. Let the moment freeze you, before you freeze it. That could be the best tip for any photographer, if only anyone can follow it.

I never followed it. I still click every random thing I see and try to bring meaning to it later. But I am making a promise to myself that I will atleast try to look for moments that are worth, before taking my phone out.

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Photo of Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka by Joantography