Gokarna Quest


Quest - A long or arduous search for something".

So my trip to GOKARNA wasn't just a leisure trip, it was a quest for self-discovery. My life was more like Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) from the movie, Eat Pray love. I was literally a wander lust aimlessly moving from one city to another until I reached to this beautiful small town laying on the bedside of Konkan Ghats. This place usually attracts those crowd looking for a low-key chilled out holiday beaches. Not to forget, it is also a pilgrimage destination for Hindus

Three months back after witnessing a terribly incident I was at a crossroads. I had to step out of my comfort zone and had to go on a self-discovery journey and what better place to discover the true glee of nourishment.

GOKARNA means "Gow" meaning cow and "Karna" means Ears. If you see the geographical outline of GOKARNA, it resembles a cow's ear. Hard to believe? Well then it's time to visit this place and find it out for yourself.

After taking a night bus from Majestic bus from Bangalore, we reached GOKARNA town in the morning around 9am.It took us about 12 hours to reach via bus. So we rented an auto from the bus stand and went through the small narrow roads of the town eye witnessing some of the beautiful ancient temples.

Instead of making a beeline straight to the beaches, we decided to visit these sacred temples and offer our prayers to the lord Shiva. After a spiritual experience, we headed straight to kudle beach where we had booked our rooms at GOKARNA International Resorts. This beach has some good rooms and Shacks to chill around. With restaurant opens till late night one can enjoy night roar of the beach with their preferred drinks along.

After a long night, next day we engaged an auto to visit Om beach. Om beach is lined with shacks on the sides offering cheap accommodation and restaurants with exotic menus. Namaste Cafe is one of the sought - after restaurants here. There is a bevy of fun water sports activities available on the beach, including speed boats, surfing etc.

After an exotic dinner at Namaste café we went back to our rooms.

Next day we checked out early from the resort and kept our bags at this beautiful café called CAFE 1987 this place had a great vibe and a closeness to the breath-taking view. We spent our entire day in this café. The food, the artwork, the music and the crew were all best. One can easily spend hours in this café admiring the amazing artwork on the café walls. Make a note this place offers only vegetarian food.

In short café 1987 - "GOOD FOOD, GOOD MOOD".

In conclusion this is what I can say about this beautiful place called GOKARNA (more in a poetic language)

Bewildered in time, adrift I feel

Descrying myself in pieces

Scattered all over this place

Stowed a pin on a map

Found myself here, lost again

Inside this beautiful abyss

Broken in subtle way, my decayed soul is here for me

For it is now, now as much

The past, present and future

Photo of Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka, India by Bhavica Appachu