Magnolia Resort Coorg- A luxurious Stay amidst Coffee Plantation


Being cooped up inside our homes for the past year and a half, we were craving for a nice and safe getaway. A place where we could take our masks off and breathe in the fresh air. Call it luck, while we were zeroing in on the place, I got an invitation to stay with my family at Magnolia Resort Coorg. When we checked the pictures of the property on their social media handles, we were completely sold on it. Two weeks later we were driving to Coorg from Bangalore to enjoy our stay at Magnolia Estate & Resort.

The verdant coffee estate is spread over 100 acres, has only 22 cottages to ensure the guests enjoy lots of open spaces, and (so this is the best part....) has two picturesque lakes inside the campus only.

Photo of Magnolia Resort Coorg- A luxurious Stay amidst Coffee Plantation 1/7 by Milan Singhal

We were welcomed at the reception area by the staff who offered us a cup of coffee that is made from the coffee beans from the estate only. Besides the taste of the coffee, the architecture of the reception left us impressed. Festooned with red oxide flooring, teak wood pillars, antique wooden furniture, the aura of the indoors are kept as rustic as possible to look one with nature.

Our 800 square feet "plantation cottage" offered great views of the coffee estate from the room windows and the portico. The amenities of the room include a coffee/tea maker, well-stocked mini-fridge, 32-inch Led Tv, 24/7 hot water, and toiletries. For our kids, they put a separate comfortable bed for the night. The mobile signals are not good inside the room, though you get it at the sitting area outside the room, at the reception, and certain other areas in the property. But trust me, we never complained about the connectivity as that's how one should enjoy a holiday with nature.

Photo of Magnolia Resort Coorg- A luxurious Stay amidst Coffee Plantation 2/7 by Milan Singhal

The resort hands you a small mobile phone though, with pre-stored numbers to contact them for any kind of room service.

After freshening up, we decided to scout out the place. Here I must mention, though you could either cycle around or request for their vehicular transport, the best way to explore the place is on foot. well laid out roads within the campus take you to various amenities and beautiful sites of the estate.

Within the walking distance from the room lies Magnolia's very own private lakes- Emerald and Turquoise. We decided to visit the Turquoise first. By the time we reached the lake, a light drizzle had started. We sat at the nearby bench and quietly gazed at the water body that mirrored the surrounding verdant hills on its surface, only to be eclipsed intermittently by the low hanging clouds which would drift over the lake by the soft wind. It was surely a sight to behold.

Photo of Magnolia Resort Coorg- A luxurious Stay amidst Coffee Plantation 3/7 by Milan Singhal

Our next stop was a small tour of the residence of the owners of the property, who are now settled in America. A small uphill walk took us to the aesthetically designed 3-bedroom villa that offered great views of the coffee estate. This would make a lovely stay if you are travelling with some friends.

Photo of Magnolia Resort Coorg- A luxurious Stay amidst Coffee Plantation 4/7 by Milan Singhal

As we made our way back to our cottage, it started raining leaving us completely drenched. Nevertheless, we enjoyed this experience too. After drying ourselves, we spent some time in our cottage, playing cards over a cup of hot coffee.

We had an early dinner that day at their in-house restaurant - Peppervine. The food is freshly prepared, so you can expect a little delay for your order to reach your table ( during breakfast they had a buffet). The guests can enjoy all the three meals here, with cuisines that ranged from vegetarian, non-vegetarian, corgi, tandoori and continental. after enjoying the sumptuous meal, we came back to the comfort of our room.

Once the night set in and it became quiet around, all one could hear is the sounds of crickets and wind in the trees. after we tucked the kids in the bed, we went for a walk. Walking on the dimly lit pathways under the starry sky I felt an aura of tranquillity; a commodity hard to find in the fast-paced city life.

We spent the first half of the next morning at the clubhouse that houses a mini library, movies and music cd's collection, billiards table, indoor board games and outdoor court games -badminton and basketball. The staff readily provided us with the equipment to play badminton.

Thereafter, we enjoyed cycling around the sprawling campus ( available at the clubhouse) and taking a dip in the swimming pool.

Photo of Magnolia Resort Coorg- A luxurious Stay amidst Coffee Plantation 5/7 by Milan Singhal

A guided tour to the coffee plantation was next on our itinerary. The staff member was quite knowledgeable about the flora of the place and showed us varied plantations that included the plantations of both Arabica and Robusta ( coffee) varieties, corgi oranges, pepper plants, mango trees, and other flowering plants. the guests can buy some home-grown spices, honey and coffee which they sell at the reception.

Photo of Magnolia Resort Coorg- A luxurious Stay amidst Coffee Plantation 6/7 by Milan Singhal

Later during the day, we decided to go to Emerald lake. The kids were more than happy playing in the clubhouse, so we left them to enjoy there. Since it had started drizzling again and the way to the lake tends to get slushy ( the road to the Turquoise lake is tarred though), a staff member offered to guide us to the place. Here's the view of the lake :

Photo of Magnolia Resort Coorg- A luxurious Stay amidst Coffee Plantation 7/7 by Milan Singhal

On the whole, our two days at Magnolia Resort Coorg were quite enjoyable. Loitering amidst the varying levels of green vegetation, soaking in the beautiful nature, and enjoying the slow-paced holiday - is how I would like to sum up my vacation .

Additional info:

1. Magnolia Resort Coorg is located on the foothills of Arji Hills ( Western Ghats) due west of Virajpet town in Coorg, Karnataka.

2. Since you are staying amidst lush nature, expect crickets, grasshoppers, moths, ants to visit your room after sunset. It’s advisable to keep the doors and windows shut.

3. The wetland near the lakes has lots of leeches. Nothing to be scared of, but it’s prudent to wear socks and shoes when you venture there.

4. The property is home to various exotic birds, so keep an eye out for them

5. It gets a little chilly when it rains here, so carry warm clothing too with you.

6. No need to carry umbrellas, as the resort provides them.

7. If the weather permits, the resort organise a bonfire in the evening.

8. Though it’s best to explore the estate on foot, the resort’s vehicular transport can be called anytime at your room.

9. Room tariffs begin at 8000. Magnolia Resort Coorg Ph no: +91-82773-72100 and +91-99803-78253

10. The staff wears a mask all the time, making the stay at Magnolia Resort Coorg quite safe.