My Stages of planning Solo Trip!


As you read, my first solo trip in the age 23, to Gokarna. When I decided I need to take solo trip, I started following every travel groups and every solo travelers in Instagram. I love reading travel stories. Stories were so inspiring, way they explained those places were tempting. Even I was stressed out because of my job. I work in one of the MNC company in Bangalore. I was so stressed about the amount of time, energy i give to my work equals to amount of salary I get paid. Once I broke down in office for the same reason. I felt I deserve a break.

I took 1 week leave, I started searching where to go after I applied leave. Firstly I thought of going to Pondicherry because of instagrammy locations, peaceful beaches. Beautiful cafes. I told my family I need to go to solo trip. I stay with family, informing them is necessary. As every family says, they said No. How can u as a girl can travel alone? Its not safe. Are you crazy, in monsoon season, where you want to go? You can't see any places. If you want to go on a trip, even we will come or take your sister. Pondicherry is dangerous etc etc statements came from my parents.
By the time, I convinced them, I changed the place according to their words and my account balance. I said I'll go to Chikmanglur. I had searched hostel in Chikmanglur called Zostel. I told it will be safe, I'll stay in female dorm etc safety measures. My dad was OK and my mom was like No, that's a hills area, trees will fall, roads are blocked etc.
I told everything to my sister, we both started checking where to go in monsoon in Karnataka, options were like Hampi, Coorg, Jog falls, Mysore etc. Later I started checking Zostel website, because accomdations are affordable, I can stay with others and make good friends, like minded people.
There I found Gokarna. Yes, that was it, I dint wanted to listen anymore stories. It had been years I hadn't been to beaches. I called my sister I told her I'm going to Gokarna, I have researched accomdation and beaches to visit. My sister has always been supportive, thanks to her, because of her I'm writing my successfull solo trip story here. We both convinced parents.
I booked bus frm Bangalore to Gokarna, I booked Zostel Gokarna for 3N/4D. First stage was completed. Next stage was packing, I was puzzled what kind of clothes I should take as it was in August Monsoon. I'm going to beaches where fully covered, warm clothes doesn't suit. I took all comfortable clothes mostly short clothes and one warm sweater, one rain coat, umbrella etc travel essential. Even for packing, I have done enough research on what to take and what not to take. As I was traveling solo, I wanted loads of suggestions in packing. So Travel light. I have no idea why but I took Small suitcase, 1 backpack, one sling bag. May be for my mind, that was light. Next stage, answering people in office on why I'm going solo, how my family agreed, what I will do going alone, how will I travel etc etc questions. Thankfully I had answers for all, not to answer them but to answer my own self.

Final Stage, Reach Destination with new hopes, new thoughts, new you. Full of freedom, happiness & maturity.
Just Experience it, you'll love solo trips forever...
Feel free

Happy Solo Traveler,
Photo of Gokarna, Karnataka, India by soumya cs