Regionalism at it's worst

Photo of Regionalism at it's worst 1/1 by Moin Shariff

"Regionalism at its worst"(please read)
We live in a so called democratic India where there are 29 states but we are one country and we were taught our pledge where we said "all Indians are my brothers and my sisters" and so on. .. This incidence I am going to share makes me think do we actually live in one country and do we have the same respect to each other which people from other countries have with their fellow country men ????
I was on the way to ooty ( tamilnadu) from Bangalore in my car and met with a small accident thank god nothing major happened .. As my car was a Karnataka registered vehicle .. People around us who witnessed tried to worsen the situation for us , some people(tamilians) even called Karnataka people as frauds(the reason being unknown) .. As i didn't know the language and being a foreigner to this foreign land people tried to show their dominance over us for no reason .. We in Karnataka are much more broad minded and have let immigrants into our land with broad smiles on our faces and tried to adjust with them and learn their language too .. But the scenario in other states isn't the same .. Regionalist feelings dominate the nationalist feelings . Instead of calling the country as INDIA , I feel its better to rename it is as UNITED STATES OF INDIA (yet not that united).. Just a thought in my mind wanted to put it out there from my past experiences and I hope some day people think and act as one country rather than 29 different states ..