Tale of a city: Belgaum

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Working and travelling are the best combination. Visiting new places while on work trip makes the official trip exciting and urges you to go more no matter how far your trip takes you inspite of everyday terror of your boss!

Belgaum or Belagavi came in my bucket list when I had to visit my new lab going to be shifted. I work as a research scholar and first thing my work offers is travelling. You can visit new places, countries, people etc all in academic expenses.

We were excited to go Belgaum, as it was 6 hour distance from Goa (which we thought we would go but couldn't make this time) and a city which is in cool temperature and close to nature.

Going there ...

From Kolkata, Belgaum can be reached only by one train Amravati express. Its a 34 hours journey, the train trail goes through green paddy fields, palm forests, barren lands and when near to Belgaum you will find the change in colour of soil which is black reminding you the childhood lesson that Maharastra, Karnataka has the black soil due to volcanic ashes of past. The nearby station is Dharwad or Hubbali from where you can take a bus or cab to reach Belgaum which is well connected by highway.

Going through the highway you can enjoy the changing terrains, small hills, up down land structures and forests.

Belgaum city..

Belgaum is a small city unlike my Kolkata. It has all the amenities and famous among students due to loaction of KLE university and cool weather and peace. During monsoon the city boasts of splendid weather like other cities in south India and similar to Goa. The summer days are a bit harsh but nights are cool.

Places to enjoy..

Belgaum fort:

When searching places to visit in Belgaum, fort comes in list. However after reaching inside we got confused to see only ruins of past and human settlement. But exploring will never disappoint you! And we found the Kamalbasti (a must visit!).

the beautiful lotus ceiling..Kamalbasti

Photo of Belagavi, Karnataka, India by APURBA DAS

Kamalbasti, is a jain temple inside the fort. The name comes from the beautiful lotus ceiling. The peaceful environment is sure to calm your mind and soul. The place is ideal for meditation. The compound has two temples and both has intricate carvings and beautiful architecture. It takes you centuries back.

Mahavir jain..

Photo of Tale of a city: Belgaum by APURBA DAS

my travelling buddies....

Photo of Tale of a city: Belgaum by APURBA DAS
Photo of Tale of a city: Belgaum by APURBA DAS

There is Ramakrishna Mission Ashram just near the Kamalbasti. Evening prayers and bhajans lifts your soul to heaven and hours can be spend.

Belgaum has a huge lake and you can enjoy boating in cool breeze and enjoy the summer evening...

Photo of Tale of a city: Belgaum by APURBA DAS

Foodies paradise:

Belgaum can be considered foodies' heaven. It has so much to offer. No one deserves to miss the badam shake (cashew nut shake) which contains a good amount of cashew and nuts whichever shop you go and that also for Rs 20-30 a glass. Its the best summer drink. Then you can enjoy other ice-cream varieties as Belgaum seems to have its own products, forget the other ones like Amul or Kwality walls. For snacks it has cheap, hygienic and tasty plates to offer. There is a small spot near the KLE university where you can find all the food stalls at one place. Starting from sweet, sour, spicy bhel, vadapav, pakoras of all kind , badam shake, my favourite faluda with two scoop ice cream and lots of cream is just mind blowing.

Other food outlets starting from McDonalds, KFC, Pizza hut.. you name it you'll find it here. Everything is there.

This small city has so much to offer and takes you away from typical megacity chaos. Yet having everything you want just like megacity.

Other places to go nearby:

Belgaum can be considered center from where you can go some beautiful off beat places untouched by tourists and yet offer you splendid experiences. Buses are available to take you. Only you have to keep your backpack ready and google updated.

Jamboti hills, Vajrapoha falls, Gokak falls, forts and palaces, badami caves (check my previous travel story), Hampi etc. The famous Dhudhsagar falls is a must when visiting during monsoon. Also there are number of falls and hill stations nearby within 2-3 hours to get lost in nature.

Dhudhsagar falls..courtesy: wikitravel

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Belgaum is indeed a city of tales. Surrounded by nature escapes it has everything to spend your weekends travelling and enrich your wanderlust list.

I will come back soon....

Photo of Tale of a city: Belgaum by APURBA DAS