A quick road trip through North Kerala


Consider this post to be a local's guide. Did i mention before that I belong to North Kerala? So here's a route that is very close to my heart. All my childhood favorites condensed in this itinerary.

Photo of Kerala, India by Ashlyn Clement

Route & Destinations:

Route- Kozhikode to Kannur.

Places like Wayanad have more than enough popularity. Hence, let's not follow the usual route. A drive from Kozhikode to Kannur would take less than 3 hours, but it has so many scenic stops on the way, that might extend our itinerary to a full day trip.


Kozhikode Beach- No visit to Kozhikode is complete without a stop over at this local's favorite! dont be alarmed by the number of people visiting each day.

Kappad Beach- The place where the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama set his foot in India, and hence followed colonial rule. Vasco da Gama remains as a leading figure in the history of exploration

Parappalli Beach- This one is closest to my heart and home. The name translates to "mosque on a rock'. This mosque is close to 500 years old and adjacent to it is the beach we are talking about. rocky in nature, its one of the beaches that's pretty touristy in a township called Koyilandy.

Parappalli Beach

Photo of Parapalli, Koyilandy, Kerala, India by Ashlyn Clement

Kollam Chira- On our onward journey from Koyilandy, towards Kannur, is a 12- acre fresh water body smack on the national highway and is hard to miss. This used to be a lake once upon a time, connected to the Arabian Sea, where traders would anchor their ships. today there are no traces of this being a lake at all. Reduced in size and falling under the premises of a famous temple, this pond stands out as one of the evening spots favored by the locals.

Kollam Chira at dusk

Photo of Kollam Chira, Parapalli, Koyilandy, Kerala by Ashlyn Clement

Sand banks- Located close to Vadakara township, by this beach is where Kottakkal river meets Arabian sea. A beautiful place to feel the calm of Malabari coastline.

Tellicherry Fort and Beach- A historical fort constructed by the 'British East India Company' in the 18th century is not to be missed. Murals from its time of construction is still to be seen. The fort is located on a rocky cliff.

St.Angelo's Fort- A little more historic than Tellicherry fort, St.Angelo's was built by the Portuguese in early 16th century. Later captured and modernized by the Dutch, history says the actual Portuguese fort was pulled down and what we see today is the Dutch version. Its no secret that this fort was sold to one of the Arakkal rulers and later the British seized it.

St.Angelo's Fort

Photo of St. Angelo Fort, Near Cannannore Cantonment, Burnacherry, Kannur, Kerala, India by Ashlyn Clement

Beaches in Kannur- Beaches in the district of Kannur are some of the most beautiful beaches in the state, but often overlooked. Muzhuppilangad Drive-in Beach and Payyambalam Beach are my personal favorites.

Arakkal Museum- Considering Kannur to be the last stop our our road trip. It will be totally worth-while to check out this museum, which is hosted within the durbar hall section of the palace. The Arakkal family is known to be the only Muslim royal family in Kerala.

I'd like to add on, in case you are a foodie, Kozhikode, Telicherry and Kannur places are known to be the food haven of Kerala. So what's stopping you from a road trip through the lesser known Kerala?!?!

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