Kathakali Dance : The soul of KERALA

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Remember the time when you are a little girl and see television and start tiptoeing by watching are the dances of the world. Well well well! I was that one child. The beats, the tunes and people moving to mesmerize me so much.

Then one day I saw a huge man with loads of colour dancing on Doordarshan and I asked my mom what he has painted himself and my mom was like this paint is, kind of like make up for them. I was surprised,after sometimes I got a chance to learn different types of dance forms and there I got to know about Kathakali. Out of 8 classical dance forms in India, Kathakali is one of them which is originated from Kerala.

Kathakali performance, like all classical dance arts of India, based on music, vocal performers, hand and facial gestures together to express ideas. But what makes it different is that it also incorporates movements from ancient Indian martial arts and athletic traditions of South India and then the facial expression are tremendous. As derived from the name in kathakali, where Katha means story and Kali means art, the dance dance revolves around the ancient stories.

Kathakali has the most elaborate costuming which consist of head dresses, face masks and face paints in the form of makeup. It typically takes several evening hours to prepare a Kathakali troupe to get ready for a play. Costumes are also really heavy to carry, but then the light and sound synchronises all.

Oh, in case if you are wondering that why I'm suddenly talking about a dance form then let me reveal that I recently went to Kochin and saw the Kathakali dance. The performance included nine facial expressions called Navarasas and 24 main mudras, and numerous more minor ones in Kathakali and it was so astounding that i coundnt resist but to tell everyone that if in case you ever visist Kochin (Kerala), so get a time to see that.

Where in Kochi

Kathakali centre

Bolgatty palace


Every day in the evening 4

Cost: Rs. 350