Varkala Tales: Sunset chornicles


Varkala Tales is my new travel series based on my latest travel to Varkala in Kerala. This series will cover sunsets, teas, people, solo travelling and ofcourse places. Brace up for some poetry too. This is part one of Varkala Tales, Feedback welcome and highly appreciated.

Photo of Varkala, Kerala, India by Amritha

She and I were in a tug of war and that is how the evening went.

And then the sun set, and I wondered now where to go.

Photo of Black Beach Varkala, Varkala, Kerala, India by Amritha

Image location: Paapnasham Beach, Varkala

I sat by the shore of its beauty,

And then it was time to leave to find new wonders

It was then she pleaded to stay back a little longer

Each time I rose, each time she smiled with a more intense hue.

Like the moon and the wave, one trying to pull the other trying to push away

Image location: Black Beach, Varkala

Photo of Varkala Tales: Sunset chornicles by Amritha

Image location: Black Beach

There is no greater illusion than the sunset.

Who did what?

The sun gave up on the sky and chose the sea?

Or the hungry sea gobbled the sun for its beloved moon to show.

But never did it occur on any rotational day to the human eye.

The sun stayed,

The sea stayed,

It is the cheater earth doing a round-about.

Photo of Varkala Tales: Sunset chornicles by Amritha

Image location: From Varkala Cliff

And then when the sun bid adieu, the sea started singing to me.

How impolite to not listen in and walk away.

I now sat on those rocks listening to the endless melody,

Sometimes singing a duet with the sea

Sometimes being its audience.

That is how the night fell.