Hampta Pass Trek Preparation with me


Hampta season is starting soon, guys plan the trek, prepare yourself and do it, why I am pushing to do it, because the weather there is unpredictable, which causes too many cancellation and heart breaks.

At 14,000 feet Hampta Pass in Himachal Pradesh falls under those rare, dramatic pass crossings in the Himalayas. On one side is the lush green valley of Kullu — with forests, grasslands, and flowers blooming on the side of your trail. On the other is the almost arid, stark landscape of Lahaul, with barren mountains and almost no vegetation.

Standing on the top of the pass, what’s ahead and behind are two different worlds. It changes in a matter of minutes.

Simply put, the Hampta Pass is Himachal’s Valley of Flowers. The landscape is strikingly similar to that of Valley of Flowers – a green narrow valley protected by snow-covered mountains – but there’s a bonus here.

When you get onto the other side of the Hampta Pass, you’ll be in awe looking at the stark contrast from what you just left behind. The landscape that stretches in front of you is Spiti Valley, known for its barren stretches, rugged terrain and forget-me-not blue skies

What makes the dramatic changes heightened, even more, is how thrilling the climb to Hampta Pass is. For trekkers, crossing the Hampta Pass (even without the scenery changes) is a great story of adventure. They will love the nervous excitement of climbing to the pass over many ledges, almost appearing to get to the pass, but never really sure until you get there.

Things to carry during the trek:

1. Hiking cargo pants – 3 and one should be waterproof.

2. Tshirts - 5 and one should be full sleevs

3. Bandana

4. Wet tissue

5. Socks – minimum 8 pairs

6. Head torch

7. Power bank

8. Borolin

9. Moisturizer

10. Lip balm

11. Sun screen

12. Water bottle

13. First aid

14. Waterproof socks

15. Bag cover

16. Poly thin

17. Flipflop

18. Bandana

Watch the complete video explaining what to pack and how to pack on my channel