Fear of the Dark

10th Nov 2019
Photo of Fear of the Dark by Kanwar Yogin Singh
Day 1

It was way back in June 2017 when we were traveling to Leh from Manali. It was 22nd of June and the very next day it was my birthday. Me my Girlfriend and two of my homies we crossed sarchu and headed over to Gata loops before pang.. The 21 loops are crazy af. In that loops there is  shortcut way in between two loops which local cab drivers uses when they step downwards. But one of friend asked me to lets do something daring and we will go up through this steep ahead. And the very moment I was ready to do the same. But my girlfriend and my other friend were saying no let's go through the normal way.. And I Was like ye nai kia to kya kia.. Then I started and pull over my Suv. It was 90 degrees steep ahead for around 300-400 meters. It was all well we were about to complete that shortcut but In the last moment just when I was about to meet the main path one of the biker in bullet came in front of me.. He was coming from the main road. And I was like shit if i didn't stopped the car then the car will hit the biker directly. And I immediately applied break and stopped the car.. Once the breaks applied the car moved backward as the shortcut road was of little little stone particles  and car was not going to stop. I asked all of my friends to jump outside.. They immediately jumped but my girlfriend didn't.. She was like I will die with u and I was like man what the hell u did. One of my friend I don't know how he just putted a big stone in the back tyre of car and with the help of brakes and Bhole baba our car stopped just before the trench. And we all were in shock for 2 mins.. I was numb.. As the George was too deep. The bikers came all the way back to us and helped us and said thanks to me for saving his life by stopping the car at that point .. So that is how we rescued death.  Then afterwards that I drove real nice.. No more shortcuts.. Some time shortcuts can lead to you nowhere. #Rover ✌️