Ladakh: A Soul Therapy

Photo of Ladakh: A Soul Therapy 1/1 by William Willi

Cruising on the road to nubra after passing khardungla top something just hit my mind and made me think and why not the roads of ladakh are magical they change you within and make you think.Its the beauty of that place which connects you with nature.There is some kind of mystical energy or some kind of energy which you feel there but can't explain but you surely can feel it.In my childhood i used to paint the sky blue on the drawing paper in my drawings but always wondered that why is this colour called sky blue where in actual the sky wasn't that blue when i used to look at it but when i saw the sky above me at pangong lake i was sure that the colour is named right and the person who named it sky blue was from ladakh.The sky is actually blue with no different shades and it enhanced the beauty of the lake like on other lake i have seen in my life.And i just kept riding on that zigzag road sometimes alone sometimes with fellow bikers and showing a thumbs up to the bikers crossing me wishing them luck and waving at them.And while riding and exploring the sceneries a thought just hit my mind that if i was born in 70's and had came to a trip to ladakh i would have seen the unexplored pangong lake and nubra valley and many more places and travelled with minimum safety equipments and maximum life risk and the only reliable thing i would have had was a Manual Royal Enfield with kickstart and a Pentax black n white camera with limited pics to click.Thats what i feel would have been the real adventure riding a bullet and clicking few but memorable pics with no selfie mode.I would have been in the list of those few and fortunate people who discovered the beauty of ladakh and probably in very few of those who had been at Khardungla top The world's highest motorable road and not like today where every fourth friend of mine is posting his pic on facebook timeline at khardungla top.The feeling of achievment of being at such places is fading away as these places start becoming more accessable and less adventurous.And i guess today i would be showing a pic of mine at Tso Pangong lake to my grandson and telling him what actual ladakh was and its beauty before it was commercial tourist destination.Road to Ladakh Road to Heaven

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