When I was called a Foreigner #BucketList2019

19th Sep 2019
Photo of When I was called a Foreigner #BucketList2019 by Rima Jha
Day 1

One thing I have always wanted to do since I started earning is to travel. I have been to places more than once just to experience it differently. One afternoon I decided I'll travel to a place outside India and started my search.

I heard of this option as Visa on Arrival thing but I had no clue how that works. Later I found it's something you get once you reach for free. There were a lot of places for Indians to visit with VOA feature. One such place was Bali.

I just knew Visa is free but for how long and what documents had no clue. I then narrowed down my search by currency and found Bali and Vietnam to be the cheapest and VOA thing. I was 100% sure by now I want to visit Bali.
To my luck, I asked my colleagues and 3 of them agreed with excitement on their face.

I being the one with good planing when it comes to preparing Itinerary started my search for good places to cover asked fellow travellers to understand what should one try and went with majority.  I also wanted to cover an Island and I did that too during my stay. I'm a person who is afraid of cats and dogs(though I love them) I had the guts to try Elephant Mud Bath. I also tried Upside Down World and enjoyed clicking pictures throughout my stay.

I also delegated only some work to others. I used to manage my office then come home and get back to planning, I also got busy with my plan whenever I got some free time while at work. Got Cheapest flight, Best Hotel for a decent price and my stay was very cheap compared to my 9 days trip to Ladakh.

This was my first International Travel, my first experience of landing on a runway which is sorrounded by Ocean, my first experience with Elephants, my first experience getting to know people outside India.

This was first time when I was called a foreigner. ☺️

Photo of Bali, Indonesia by Rima Jha
Photo of Bali, Indonesia by Rima Jha
Photo of Bali, Indonesia by Rima Jha