The Most Beautiful Places In Portugal

13th Dec 2014
Photo of The Most Beautiful Places In Portugal 1/2 by Manasi Joshi
Photo of The Most Beautiful Places In Portugal 2/2 by Manasi Joshi

Portugal, typically known for the sailors it gave to the world like Christopher Colombus, the lovely laid-back life and of course, the Porto wine.

I have met people who have told me “I’ve seen Portugal” which was meant to be interpreted as “I’ve been to Lisbon for 2 days”. Lisbon, the capital, is just a tiny part of the whole picture. So I thought, just to make it easier for a traveller (i prefer to call my reader that, than tourists) what if I put here in brief, what I think are the most beautiful places of Portugal? So here goes-

This remains one of the best kept secrets of the country. From Porto, the ticket costs about 22 euros one way for an adult and just 10 euros for a youth. A train journey along the the Duoro river to Pinhao. On the other side of the river, you spot all those vineyards and wineries making the heavenly Porto wine. You can get down in Peso da Regua for some pictures and take the next train to Pinhao.
Photo of The Duoro Train Line by Manasi Joshi
A city sitting pretty in the north of the country, seeing more than 200 days of precipitation, and thus, one of the rainiest in Europe. The city witnessing the river Duoro river meeting the Atlantic. A beautiful city center by the riverside. Cross the river and you come across atleast dozen of wine makers at every step. I tried the Taylor’s port wine which was lovely.
Photo of Porto, Portugal by Manasi Joshi
This one’s no secret. A HOLIDAY DESTINATION for the Spanish, the Portuguese and somehow typically, also the British. Try to avoid going there in summers to appreciate the true beauty the Lagos BEACHES have to offer. A walk from the town along the coast till Ponte de Piedade will give you some breathtaking views.
Photo of Lagos, Portugal by Manasi Joshi
A town further north of Porto, at about an hour distance is well connected by train as well as bus. Lovely city center and an even lovelier church sitting atop a hill in the outskirts of the town. Take a bus from the city center to Bom Jesus do Monte church. You would have to climb a few steps covered with bright green moss but you’d see, it’s totally worth it.
Photo of Braga Municipality, Portugal by Manasi Joshi
At an hour from Aveiro by train, this ranks as one of the most impressive European cities I ever had the luck to go to. All the city center dominated by white buildings, lovely cafes and a very prestigious University. This one is not to be missed.
Photo of Coimbra, Portugal by Manasi Joshi
Ofcourse, you can’t go to Portugal and miss out on this one. Reaching Sintra from Lisbon takes about 30 minutes. And these 30 minutes will take you to a fairyland of castles and palaces. If time permits do go to Batalha for the Monastery. However, for those relying on public transportation this can be slightly difficult to reach. If anyone who has been to Portugal and has something more to add, do let me know. I’d love to hear and hopefully, go again. Saudade, the feeling of longing and nostalgia is what will drive me there again!
Photo of Sintra, Portugal by Manasi Joshi